You've got to be carefully taught....

Or so the song goes that children are formed by the world around them, and so be careful in what you teach.

My dad called me this morning at the oh-so-not-early time of 9:45 for a little chat about my grandpa's health (not good).  We eventually got on the subject of his own health and well-being.  He's relating all these new lessons he's learned, namely the importance of self-love and self-esteem in a pure and sincere way. 

You know, I wrote about how sad I was that my mom never was able to attain this inner peace of knowing who you are, but I never expected to write a post about being happy that my father is on that path.  The more sure he is of himself, the more stock I can put in our relationship.  We are on stable ground.

I was very luck that growing up I had a very strong sense of myself, or at least a very strong sense of who I wasn't.  It kept me out of trouble and it gave me the courage to strike out on my own.  It pissed my parents off a bit too, but I can look back and understand that my challenging them was too far outside their comfort zone and they didn't know how to respond or push back.

Sometimes this feeling of knowing myself was confidence, sometimes it was bravado, but it always came from a sense of knowing that no matter what, I had myself to depend on.

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