I found this in my (other, private) blog -- and it spoke to me (I posted it August 26, 2006):

A great quote from Megan Mullally in Self magazine:

I started thinking there were so many other things I'd rather be doing than obsessing over what I was going to eat or forcing myself to work out.  There is something wrong with that:  You should never force yourself not to eat when you're hungry or to exercise when you're not feeling it.  It's destructive.  I'd put all this pressure on myself, thinking if I looked a certain way I'd get more acting jobs.  It was sucking all the creative energy out of me.

...I don't spend time anymore worrying whether I'm skinny or look young.  Sure, I feel good when I take a shower and put on makeup and my hair looks cute and I buy a new pair of jeans. But those are different things.  The key to self-esteem is knowing who you are.  Chasing an ideal is like being in one of those wave pools where you swim and swim and never get anywhere.  Beauty is a wonderful thing, but there's beauty in imperfection, in relaxing and spending time with your family.  You have to train yourself to think differently, not to beat yourself up and realize you've got better things to think about than having a fat day.  Put on a bigger pair of pants and get out there.

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