Social Eating

You know the scenario:
A group of friends go out to a bar for no occasion in particular.  The intent is to have a few drinks. 
By the end of the night 10 pitchers of beer have been demolished.  Nachos, wings, burgers....

In other words, a caloric minefield.

In the past you might have been the one encouraging people to drink, ordering more appetizers... but oh no... this time you order nachos with chicken to share and stick to 3 bottles of a beer you like instead of the generic lite beer from a pitcher into an refillable pint glass.

In other words, a social eating victory.

When someone teased you about how you're not drinking as fast as everyone else, you did not respond by ordering another beer.  You just enjoyed the one you had.  When you heard it was half-price burger night, instead of thinking "Oh what a great deal!" you asked yourself instead "Well, am I actually hungry?"

In other words, being mindful.

Sometimes these changes are really subtle, but changes they are.

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