I love food.  I seriously love food.
I will never apologize for loving food.

That being said, I am very upset when I order food and it's not what I was expecting.
My bosses often buy my lunch under the "You fly, I buy" theory (if I go and get it, they're willing to pay for it) because they're usually stuck on conference calls or at their desks. 

Today we ordered Bertucci's -- instead of pizza I tried to opt for something healthier -- Rigatoni with shrimp and broccoli in a white wine sauce.  What I got was a container full of pasta, 5 shrimp (okay) and like 5 pieces of broccoli. 

It's a broccoli injustice. 

Broccoli > Pasta on any day of the week.


I'm with you! Back in my gluten-eating days I used to order a Chicken Broccoli Alfredo pasta dish a LOT from one of our local delivery places. Every time in the comment box on the order form: HEAVY ON THE BROCCOLI!!! Most of the time they even paid attention to what I wanted :)


I totally do that with my chinese food -- I just haven't ordered this dish from Bertucci's before. I didn't think I would have to ask. Luckily i buy those steam fresh single-serving frozen veggies and keep a few at work. I was able to green that entree up with some peas.

Heavy on the broccoli not this time, but I know now for the next.


I adore that hamster. I had that video on my myspace page when I used myspace! I am also with you on being in love with food.

I wanted to let you know I also started a getting healthy blog... mind you, I'm a bit off kilter. ;) Here I am if you want to check me out http://fitgirlversusundead.blogspot.com/


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