Nike: Goddess of Strength, Speed, and Victory

For the record, I wear Saucony sneakers -- so this isn't about Nike sneakers.

First, a tangent:  A few years I bought a book on a whim, and it turned out to mean much more to me than I would have expected.  I've had three copies of the book, and none of them remain with me.  They've all gone on to friends, and hopefully beyond.  It was called The Good Girl's Guide to Bad Girl Sex, and it was written by a psychologist who used to be a sexual surrogate.  This wasn't a guide of positions and toys, rather 2/3 of the book was self-analysis.  One of the first exercises was to go back in your past and write a list of every time you wanted to express your sexual self, but some external force (a person, society, a sense of morals) told you that was wrong.  Other exercises had to do with looking at how you present yourself from an objective point of view.   One of my favorite suggestions in that book was to have in your house something that reminded you of your sexuality and connection with your sexual self.  For me it as a painting by Pierre-Auguste Cot.

So... back to Nike.  It doesn't surprise me a bit that the Greeks chose a woman to represent strength.  My mom once told me that the word female is Fe (the chemical symbol for iron) + male.  There's something innate within all of us that makes us able to endure, persevere, and triumph.  I think more and more that I need to find something to remind me of that more often.  My reminders around the house are my balance ball, balance disc, yoga mat, and Wii/Wii Fit. There's nothing really that reminds me that no matter the setback (such as my lumbar discs being inflamed), that I can overcome.

I am thinking of getting my MRI blown up into an 8x10 photo as a reminder that every day I am able to walk (even if I'm not feeling great) is a victory in and of itself.  I think Nike would approve.

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