Remember in science class (probably chemistry) when we are introduced to scientific scales that need to be re-zeroed before they can be used?  You hit the tare button. 

I think in the very same way I need to hit the tare button on my ability to drink.  Last night I behaved myself all through the post-softball caloric train wreck:  I didn't drink beer (I did have coke, which is unusual for me, but also had lots of water) and didn't eat all the fried foods that were available (I did have one chicken tender and made sure I savored it).  Then the party got moved from the dining room of the restaurant, to the bar. 

3 beers and a shot of tequila = 700-750 calories.  Ugh.  But not too bad b/c I burned 2800+ calories on the day.

I woke up this morning thinking (1) it was Friday (which it was not) and (2) that having your yearly physical/blood tests while you're hungover probably doesn't make a good impression on your doctor.  But luckily it is Thursday, and the appointment is tomorrow. 

To get my stomach properly oriented (as I rarely get headachey hangovers anymore, it's all digestive hangovers/proof that I shouldn't drink b/c my body doesn't like it) I ate an everything bagel with egg and sausage, a Naked Red Machine, and a banana.  I'm estimating this was all around 1000 calories.

Ugh again!!

I think the lesson I really need to learn is that it's truly not worth drinking in terms of calories, how I feel, and the recovery involved.  If I'm going to drink, it better be high quality and for a special occasion.

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