I just wanted to plug two very important support systems I have in place:

My softball team/softball girlfriends:  I've been playing softball with my work colleagues for the past five years, and the girls on the team have become some of my closest girlfriends.  They support me in ways that I can't even begin to express -- from the unspoken support to the very verbal, I feel them rally around me every time I've expressed frustration with my body and my weight.  Not only do they support me, but they support each other and their own goals.  I'm very lucky to have girlfriends who will share my veggie plate or not give me crap for not drinking beer.

Secondly, I was going to post about my Victoria's Secret sports bras, but it seems like they're not making them any more (the VSX Underwire mesh sports bra).  Either way, I love them and glad that I have like 5 of them.  They breath really well and support my 38Ds.  Without them, I'd injure myself while jogging.

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