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Who knew I was full of such wisdom and insight?  Sometimes I just need to trust that deep down I know this stuff.  Okay, so I might have gone on a tangent for a bit -- but everything is directing my compass in one direction right now.

From June 29, 2005:

Robby's way to better health, inside and out:

1. You are what you eat, what you think, what you breathe, etc. Don't put toxic food in your body, toxic thoughts in your mind and don't expose yourself to toxic environments. You have to set yourself up for success instead of seeing how strong your willpower is at every turn.

2. Find inspiration and motivation from within yourself and from your environment. Have friends that support and encourage your goals, and will even take a lap with you. If it's a nice day, go out for a walk. If it's a crappy day, stay in and do some weights. If it's the middle of the night and you just want some exercise, nudge the beefcake next to you. As for the internal motivation, just remind yourself that you have to treat yourself well, or no one else will.

3. Be consistent. Your goal must be the sum of all your actions. Actions contrary to the goal will set you back mentally and physically. So set a goal that's realistic, and then make a plan that's realistic for your needs and abilities.

Okay, this is advice from a fattie, but you know what... that's all changing, biznatches.

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