The Center for Mindful Eating

Thanks to my dietitian for turning me on to this Web site (okay AP style guide... website is acceptable but it just doesn't feel right quite yet):

The Center for Mindful Eating has lots of great reading material.  It appeals to my already-present interest in Buddhism but focuses on the act of eating itself as an activity that needs our attention and care, something I am not particularly good at (I'm more vacuum than bodisattva).

Which brings me to a joke that I love telling....

What does the Buddha say when he enjoys what he is eating?
Aum (om/ohm) nom nom.  Aum nom nom.  Aum nom nom.

Yes, I know it's cheesy -- but you know, whatever works.


Very cute joke! :) I'm going to go give that site a look.


I'm glad you like it -- it makes me giggle.
It has also become my mantra when eating. Chew for three aum nom noms at the very least before swallowing -- take time to savor it.


I FINALLY started reading my copy of Savor tonight so I'm definitely bookmarking that site AND I think I'll give the mantra chew a try, too!

I just got an award I've decided to share with YOU! :) Stop by & grab it at some point!


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