Getting back on the horse

So I've been sick for almost a week.  My next step is crucial:  getting back on the horse.

I haven't been logging my meals, reaching my step counts, or drinking enough water.
So how do I go from utter self-pity to getting back on the horse, back in the groove, and back in the right direction? 

Well I guess the answer is simple -- take a deep breath and get back to doing what I need to do.  There's no need to catch up to what I should have been doing or to compensate.  Just stick with the plan -- eat mindfully, move liberally, sleep well.  Rinse, repeat.

I ordered the bridesmaid gown in a size 16 as it fits my biggest measurement right now (chest) and got it in the extra long length (+5 inches).  I can only imagine how much that will have to change.  Thank goodness I know a great tailor.

I've made tentative plans to do some tennis and water aerobics with a friend (with option to recruit ball boy/cabana boy later) and softball season is picking up.  If I can manage to stay healthy, I think I'll be in good shape.

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