Itty Bitty Teenie Weenie

Well it's not yellow or polka dots, but it is a bikini.

Well let me take a step back and assuage your fears.  I bought a tankini and matching bottoms.  But as there was a sale...and nothing will make a woman spend more than she intends than a sale, I also bought a bikini top.

Even as a cute little girl I wasn't a fan of bikinis (a sense of modesty, perhaps?), instead opting for a full bathing suit, or even better -- covered by a t-shirt.

Back before my accident, I actually bought a bikini with the hopes of debuting it when I was thin and svelte.  That was before all my progress was sidelined.  I look at that bikini now with a feeling of regret.  So I just wanted to start over.

I haven't decided whether I'm going to post photos of me in the bikini or not (soooo revealing) but I do hope that I will get to wear it sometime soon and not feel mortified.  Until then I will stick to the tankini or my one-piece suit.


I had a bikini once. I don't recall ever wearing it in public, though. In fact, I don't know as I ever wore it where ANYone else could see me but it was super cute and I loved knowing I owned it ...

Wonder if I'll ever dare buy another? Lately I've been doing the whole "swimdress" deal -- the one piece with attached skirt to further hide hips/butt/upper thigh. Ugh.


You can get a bikini that has a swim skirt.
I think if it makes you feel excited, get it.
I wholeheartedly will endorse you.


I'll have to look into those ... might give me the drive to work harder on the belly flabs!


(And yes, I said flabS as in plural ... yuck!)


Yeah it might -- or to just say "F it."
I love it when people complain that they can "pinch an inch [of flab]" how about a whole handful?


I found you in a kinda weird a fan of Bob Harper on facebook and I saw you had a lot of comments and tips for people on there and I clicked on your name and WOW! you're amazing! its great to see your motivation and dedication :) im...not obese, but im somewhat overweight. and definitely not eating the healthiest diet and not good at excersising...i would love to improve myself the way you are improving yourself...but im not as motivated as you :/

GOOD LUCK! you can do it :)
~sarah moser, age 14 :)


Sarah -- at age 14, you shouldn't be focused on losing weight. Your goals should relate to (1) being healthy (2) being happy and (3) figuring out who you are.

Thank you for all the compliments -- you're an absolute peach. Love yourself the best you can--and that's the only thing you need to do, hon.


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