To thine own self be true...

Okay, so I might be a little delusional when it comes to how I see myself, but I'd rather envision how I feel on the inside than admit all the things I find wrong on the outside.

For starters:

1.  Stomach/abdomen.  People get upset when they can "pinch an inch"  -- how about a handful? It's the part of me that I stress about the most.

2.  Thighs.  I fantasize about what it would be like for them to not rub against each other or have to use Body Glide so I don't get a rash.

3.  Skin.  I wish I had flawless skin, no blackheads, no pimples, and no desire to pick at my skin.

4.  Butt.  For the most part I like it, but it's pretty damn flat.

5.  Nose.  I've never really admitted this aloud, but I think my nose is a bit too big for my face.  I don't think I'd ever have surgery but it is something I take a critical eye to.

6. My Boob Bridge.  Between my breasts and over my sternum there is extra flesh.  It prevents me from having pretty awesome cleavage.

7. My wings.  I remember being horrified by my Nana's arms and how much they flapped.

BUT... there are some parts of me I love.

1. My feet.  They might be a big (size 9.5/10) but I have long toes and beautiful arches.

2. My eyes.  While I might be blind, they've never failed to attract.

3. My lips.  I've been told they're the perfect kissing lips.  I'll take that.

4. My legs.  Long and strong.  Eat your heart out.

5. My boobs.  I think I'd like a breast lift (especially if I were to ever have kids) but for the most part, I love my buddies.

6.  My clavicles.  I know lots of people who lose their collar bones when they get fat.  Mine have always been with me.  They're an important reminder to have good posture.


I remember how excited I got when my collar bones made their reappearance. They were only missing for a couple of months but ooooooh how I missed them!


Aren't they amazing little bones? Like i'd never be happy if my ribs showed...


Eeeeew. And if anyone EVER says they can count my vertebrae like you can with some of the "hot" models and actresses ... well ... I'll either slap them or eat THEIR weight in Ben & Jerry's. Yeah, I'm not thrilled with my current backfat but my bones like their privacy to some extent :)


I remember the first time I saw my collar bone too, now it's a really good indicator of fat-ness for me.
I also remember the time an ex told me I was 'emaciated' because he could see some of my vertebrae (just the ones at the top when my head was bent down). Quelle douche.


Haha--agreed with you on the backfat. I'd rather have some backfat than be skin & bones.

Emily -- as for that ex, yes, what a douche.


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