A letter to my future self -- at my goal weight of 165


Savor this moment and remember it always. 

Stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself.  Keep on looking until you recognize yourself.  This is the Robby you've been waiting to meet all of your life.  Be kind to her.  Honor her. 

Also honor the Roberta that did all the hard work. She had to learn not only how to nourish her body, but her whole self.  She learned that taking care of herself wasn't an act of selfishness or vanity, but deep and abiding respect for herself. She has delivered you to this wonderful time in your life.

Remember standing on the scale when you weighed 240? Remember weighing 202?  Remember the shame of weighing so much, the relief in being 38 lbs lighter?  Remember this feeling--this pride. The pride of being the person you always knew you were will ensure that you will never go back to the sad, shameful place you lived in for so long.

You can and will maintain this healthy lifestyle because you love the freedom it gives you.  Your relationship with food now is about the taste, the nutrients, the experience of it with family and friends.  It is no longer about what you are not saying, or the feelings you are swallowing.

You will have good days and bad ones -- you'll want to eat apple pie for breakfast.  It's okay.  You know what your body wants and needs, and that even includes not following a food pyramid some meals.  There was no path for you to find this healthy place, but you blazed a trail.  You know this place within you and you know how to find it time and time again.  Have confidence in that.  You know who you are and what you're made of.  No one can shake that feeling.

So stand in front of the mirror.  Greet yourself every day with the kindness and love you deserve. 

-Robby (at 203.5)

PS:  I hope you enjoyed shopping for new clothing.  A letter of apology to your wallet is forthcoming.


LOVE this and sooo wish I'd done it, or a video a la Biggest Loser style!

My name is JEN, I found your blog, I've been changing my life this past year too. I have been fat my entire life. I hit almost 300lbs after my 3rd child was born last March. Walked out of the hospital weighing 285.

I currently weigh 172lbs :)

I turned 30 in April. I ran my first race. I no longer had a "2" in front of my weight like I did my entire 20s besides the last 2 months of 29.

So anyway, HI!


You GO!!!! So nice to meet you, Jen.
It takes lots of dedication to make a lifestyle change versus going on a diet. So kudos you, and if you ever need the support to stick with it, you know who to ask :)

3 kids?? Oh my goodness. How did you balance all of it?


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