One moment in time, when I'm less than I thought I could be....

And.... in that one moment in time... I will feel.... I will feel..... **HORK** **SNIFFLE** eternity.

Being sick SUCKS.  But seriously, for three days there I was under 200 lbs.

I wanted being under 200 to feel really good.  I imagined leading a parade down mainstreet that said "No longer an obese fattie!" I would wave to the crowds and they'd cheer for me.  I might be on the cover of magazines, and all the gossip blogs would be like "Who is that svelte girl? Where has she been all our lives?"  Men would fawn over me, women would want to be me, and children would think I'm a real-life princess.

But no.  Three days of horking my lungs out and barely being able to eat and/or move. 
Sooo not what I had imagined.

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