"So....you know you're fat?"

A few years ago I went to a new internist for my first physical in a very long time.  After the nurse did all the measurements and blood draw (I'm still not good with needles) the doctor walked in while reading my chart, looked at me and said, "So....you know you're fat?"  I'm not sure how much I weighed at that physical, but those words echoed in my head.  She didn't say "overweight' or "obese" (which technically I was).  Just fat.  As in "you don't need a doctor to tell you this."

I go back to her next week for a physical.  However, today I had two appointments -- one to look at my knee (I get weird pains in it -- I just wanted to make sure it was mechanical (because of my back and the way I compensate for the pain) versus physical).  The x-ray looked fine--my patella is shifted a little medially (towards the mid-line of my body) but nothing too bad.

My second appointment was for the lady parts.  Now here's where things get exciting -- my nurse practitioner that I've been seeing for years walks in and she says.  "Oh. My. God.  Almost 17lbs? Go you!"  In other words, since my physical last year, I've lost 16.7lbs.  We talked about what I've been doing (the GoWear Fit, the nutritionist, etc.) and the implications it might have on my ovarian issues (the dysmenorrhea). 

I'm so excited to go to my yearly physical next week and have my internist see the weight loss.  I'm really really excited.  It seems so real when a doctor says "hey, good job... you're taking good care of yourself."

((however, my taking care of myself today might just be getting back into bed -- i picked up a chest cold on tuesday/wednesday and have been coughing up some yellowish-green gunk.  my body aches all over.  So while I haven't walked much/burned many calories today, my body is telling me to take a break and get well first.  It's okay.  I burned lots of calories yesterday...))

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