A Love Letter to Myself

For the February Going the Distance Challenge (#GoTheDist), I challenged everyone to write down one thing each day that they love about the...

For the February Going the Distance Challenge (#GoTheDist), I challenged everyone to write down one thing each day that they love about themselves.  As a participant in my own challenge, I had to do this too.  At the end of the month the goal was to write a love letter to yourself.  I first looked back at what I had written down over the 28 days and then I categorized them (in no particular order):

Aesthetic Love:

  • I love my eyes. They are one of the most spectacular things about me, even if I wear colored contacts :P
  • Though at times I fight with it, I love having straight hair. It is very well behaved.
  • I love my voice. It is one of the jewels I was born with.
  • I love my nose. Sure, it might be big, but that's to get al that oxygen in my body. Mine... all mine!
Body/Aesthetic Love:
  • I love my hips. They are one of my many beautiful curves.
  • I love my long, strong lower legs. They proclaim to the world that I am a runner.
  • I love my stomach fat. It's fuel. It is womanly and beautiful.
  • I've got a really nice rack.
  • I love my knees. They really get the job done, whether on the elliptical or in a skirt.
  • I love that I can wake up early if I need to and instantly feel cognizant. It's a special skill.
  • I love my strong arms. all the better to hug you with
Health/Wellbeing Love:
  • I love that my body is strong enough to fight off the flu.
  • I love my body's ability to repair itself after a night out of drinking/dancing with a girlfriend
 Mental/Self-Esteem Love:
  • I love walking down the street in spandex running pants. Why? It is a great reminder to myself that I'm on a mission to please myself, not anyone else.
  • I went out dancing without a stitch of makeup on. Normally this would scare me, but I knew I was going to be working up a sweat and that was more important to me than looking good doing it.
  • The capacity of my heart -- and its resilience. It has never failed me.
  • I love my quick wit. I may not be the smartest person out there, but i have a way with words that even smart people are jealous of.
  • I love how I define myself now by what I can do, and less by what I cannot do.
  • I love how smart I am (and modest, too!). It's one of my best qualities.
  • I have my moments of fearlessness.
  • I love that I'm strong enough to confront the things that scare me.
  • I love that I knew myself well enough NOT to go to law school and have a career I hated. So now I have a job I love, where I'm respected, and where I actually get to go home at 5:30. Not bad. But it wouldn't have happened if I listened to other people.
  • My competitive spirit has never let me down. I'm not always competing against another person, but I always want to out do myself.
  • Though I am only 29, I have some wisdom to share. One of those tidbits is knowing when to take some rest and heal.
  • I love that I can dig deep when i need to.
  • I love the depths of my compassion
  • I love my competitive spirit that makes me go above and beyond what I thought I am capable of.
  • I love that because I had the courage to go on this journey in the first place that not only am I inspiring other people to go on the journey, but I have left a trail for them to follow.
As you can see, the overwhelming majority of the love I have for myself is not necessarily in regards to how I look, but how I feel about myself.  This is no surprise for me.  While I have my moments of insecurity and doubt from time-to-time, without a doubt I know I am a wonderful person on the inside (and learning to be confident on the outside bits as well). 
With that in mind.....

Dear Robby,

You are extraordinary.  You are a force to be reckoned with and a person to be cherished and honored, not just at this moment -- in the wake of an amazing accomplisment of running over 100 miles in 28 days -- but at every moment in your life past, present, and future.

You have always been an exceptional and spectacular person.  Through the triumphs and joy, the despair and heartache, at no point were you anything less than the person you are now.  You have shown courage and vulnerability when needed, and strength and confidence in the face of the unknown.  You have always been beloved by me.

How you have come to love your whole self (body, mind, heart) through not just words, but action, is a statement to not only the world, but to yourself -- a mantra of love.  The way you move your body shows me you understand the gift of having the ability to move (especially in light of your injuries).  The way you nourish your body shows me you understand the connection between food and your well being.  Your work towards seeing your true self in a mirror shows me you are no longer looking for invisible faults. 

In sum, the person you are today is quite lovely.  Never forget that.  And if you do forget that, I'll be here waiting to guide you back home.

Love always,

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  1. I think I am going to borrow your idea (and give you due credit I promise) for March. Everyone needs to hear good things about themselves, even if its themselves saying it :-D What an excellent idea!

  2. Millie -- if only people would do this year round.

  3. I love this idea and would like to blog about it. Would it be ok? I will put your link in my post if that's alright.

  4. the nyt had an article about this today!! you are PRESCIENT!

  5. Vittoria -- is this the article you're talking about?

  6. What a wonderful idea!
    While I was reading your "what I love about myself", I caught myself to agree with most statements. thank you! if I'll borrow this idea, I'll link your blog on that! thanks for encouragement :)

  7. Heidi -- definitely do it! It was such a great process for me. Hard some days, easy some others.

  8. This is a beautiful idea. I'm glad you are learning to love yourself for what you are worth!

  9. Thank you, Laura.
    It's been a process -- a very good process.


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