The ABCs of Me

Stolen from Karen QFeel free to steal it for yourself!

Age: 29

Bed size: Queen with 4 pillows, 2 cats, and 1 bear.

Chore you hate: dusting/cat-hair tumbleweed wrangling

Dogs: None at home, but I volunteer at the Washington Animal Rescue League and prefer working with large unruly dogs.

Essential start of your day: Vitamin D!

Fave color: Cerulean

Gold or silver: Silver

Height: 5'9"

Instruments I play: I used to play flute, a little bassoon, a little piano, but I gave them all up to focus on opera.  I am a dramatic mezzo soprano.

Job title: Legal Administration

Kids: Cats!

Live: Washington, DC

Mom’s name: Amby

Nicknames: Robby

Overnight hospital stays: Random question -- and no.

Pet peeve: people talking about religion at work

Quote from a movie: "I carried a watermelon" -- Baby, "Dirty Dancing"

Right or left handed: Right

Siblings: 1 brother

Time you wake up: if I'm going to the gym early? 6.  If I'm sleeping in? 8.  If it's the weekend?  whenever i feel like it.

Underwear:  Yes please.

Veg you dislike: anything mushy or overcooked

What makes you run late:  myself.

X-rays you have had done:
and a few MRIs that don't scan well...

Yummy food you make:  anything involving flour, sugar, and booze.

Zoo Animal, favorite:  All of the fluffy ones.


You know what, this blog post is awesome. I like the idea of that. May steal your idea with you permission.


Love this! Mind if I steal it too? :)


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