Question Time: Stranded on a Deserted Island / Infinite Meal / Last Meal

I'm willing to bet you've considered either or both of these scenarios before:
  1. You're stranded on an uninhabited island (it's up to you whether it's desert/tropical or an ice drift) and there's a box of food rations that magically appear.  What three ingredients do you hope are in the box?
  2. If you could only have one meal every day for the rest of our life, what would it be?
  3. You've committed some heinous crime.  You are sentenced to death.  What's your last meal request? 
Hopefully neither are an actual likelihoods (but well.... you never know), but I'm just curious as to what your answers might be.

Mine are:
  • Stranded on a desert island:  Chocolate, pineapple, vine-ripe tomatoes 
  • Infinite Meal: Spinach lasagna
  • Last Meal:  A peanut butter, Fluffernutter, banana, Nutella sandwich on white Wonder Bread with a tall glass of milk


Desert island ingredients ... pizza dough, tomato sauce and mozzarella. I'd make a pizza and lay it out on a hot stone in the sun to bake. Rustic!

Last meal ... chicken fried steak with really good white gravy, my mom's homemade mashed potatoes, and vodka. Lots and lots of vodka. And cheesecake.


I must admit, I have no clue what chicken fried steak really is... and i've even lived in virginia.


1. Chocolate, prosciutto, berries

2. lamb steak with quinoa salad and yoghurt dressing and roasted sweet potatoes

3. thai chilli basil noodles and chicken with a big fat blood orange gelato


1. PB2 (chocolate), strawberries, and Arnold multigrain sandwich thins

2. Same as #1, with coffee

3. Boneless spare ribs (well done), pork fried rice, and wonton soup (with crunchies!). Coffee to drink, and mocha almond fudge ice cream for dessert :)


Desert Island - It's way too hard for me to figure this one out.

Every day - My best friend Amy's hash brown casserole.

Last meal - My mom's roast beef with mashed potatoes and gravy, a garlic bread stick and corn.

It's interesting to me that all of these are things I don't really eat anymore! Who knows, a few more months of healthy eating and I may change that last meal to something more healthy that I've fallen in love with!


Nicole -- I'm thinking that the 3-ingredient question will play to how we're currently living our lives, and that the last meal question will be a shadow of our former unhealthy lives.

I guess part of the question is -- is our last meal everything it's cracked up to be or are we going to wish we had asked for a protein shake?


1. ice cream, chocolate water (a girl has gatta

2. honey garlic chicken

3. Probably pizza with extra cheese, mushrooms, corn and ham and since it's my last meal it better be hot!

Cool questions this was fun! :D


Ooooh this is fun!

Stranded: strawberries, wine, chocolate

Infinite Meal: Enchiladas

Last Meal: Chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes & gravy, my mom's green beans, roll and sweet tea. I'm going out fat and happy!


Deserted Island: Fresh pineapple, Lindor dark chocolate truffles (that don't melt), red bell peppers

Infinite meal: Grilled lemon-dill chicken

Last meal: Portobello Mushroom Chicken from Texas Roadhouse, baked sweet potato with cinnamon, salad & rolls (oink!)


Val -- you have a good plan for the deserted island. I might have to join you.

And wow -- lots of y'all are into this chicken fried steak.


3 ingredients:
2% Fage plain Greek Yogurt, freshly ground Almond Butter (from a store where they grind on site) and Fuji apples.

Infinite meal: Cereal. Period.

Last Meal: Thin-crust pizza with every grilled veggie under the sun, lots of marinara, and mozzerella, goat and parmesean cheese. And a beer. :)


Side note -- I've asked my boss these questions. For the "stranded on an island" question -- she said wine, cheese, good bread.

I <3 my boss.


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