April #GoTheDist: Finding Your Fight

So... six complete months of #GoTheDist challenges.  As a community we have grown -- we've seen each other through the struggles and been there to celebrate the successes.  Some people have been with #GoTheDist from the beginning, some people are new to it.  But we keep on growing on the inside and losing on the outside (not leprosy, mind you).  We are a force to be reckoned with.

If my previous post was any hint, the April #GoTheDist challenge is about FINDING YOUR FIGHT

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What do I mean by Finding Your Fight?  I think at the very core, Finding Your Fight is about taking a moment to address your goals and your obstacles, then asking yourself "how badly do I want it?"  For some people the fight is a mental one -- getting over bad habits, and fears.  For some people the fight is a very physical one of breaking through plateaus.  But for all of us, I think it is a very emotional process -- to be able to address the fears or the obstacles and say "I'm not scared of you anymore." 

I mean, that's what all of this has been leading up to, right?  The more we sweat, the more capable we are about facing our own lives.  We have felt the pain and exhaustion, we have cried the tears and felt the release of each little string holding us down.  We feel the exhilaration of knowing knowing just how capable we are.  We have the bricks (knowledge, determination, support, etc.).  All that's left is showing how much we want it.

 More literally, I'd like April #GoTheDist to be a boxing/fighting challenge.  I will be pledging boxing sessions (at the boxing gym, shadow boxing, Wii boxing) that get my heart rate up.  Consider any discipline, such as boxing, taekwondo, judo, greco-roman wrestling, MMA-style fighting, etc.  I think boxing is the most accessible and wallet-friendly out there.

Please consider a fighting discipline as your second modality.  If you do decide to do this -- send me photos of you in your fight poses! I will be posting these along with other April #GoTheDist / Finding Your Fight updates!

1.  You do NOT need any specific gear to participate in this.  You do need a bit of knowledge though (which I hope to provide).  You can go on the internet (Google, Youtube) and find lots of information about shadowboxing (non-impact; focus on form and rhythm).  Boxing is

2.  You do NOT need to join a boxing gym to participate in this.  However, do consider mentioning this to your current gym or trainer, as they might have some boxing/fighting specific knowledge (or know someone) that might be able to fine-tune your movements.  Also, you've seen me post a lot about LA Boxing.  They are my local boxing gym and where I currently train.  They also are across the US and offer a free class to non-members.  Look around at the gyms (or YMCA) in your area and see if you can take an intro class there.

3.  You do NOT need to hit any other person to participate in this.   You do not need to spar (go for it if you want to).  You can learn many fighting skills (how to throw a punch, evasive maneuvers, etc.) without hurting another person. 

How to Join:

1. Click on the SUMMARY PAGE (bookmarking it would be a good idea as you will be using it often).  If you participated in the March #GoTheDist challenge your name and some info should already be there -- just enter your modalit(ies). If you are not participating in April, DO NOT DELETE YOUR LINE.  Please contact me and I'll remove your line in a manner that does not affect the other spreadsheets.  (And duplicating the sheet wasn't perfect -- my apologies if you need to reformat this. I need a better system -- any programmers out there??)  If you are not already listed on the spreadsheet (from the March challenge) please add your name to the bottom of the SUMMARY PAGE.

2. Fill out a line on the "Summary" spreadsheet (do not use Columns F or G, J or K -- they automatically calculate)

3. Find your correlating individual tab (it should be "@[line number where you entered your info]") -- make sure your information from the "Summary" tab has been pulled onto this sheet (and not someone else's information -- if so, contact me).

4. Rename the tab "@[twitter name]" or if you don't have Twitter "[nickname]"

5. Fill out the sheet as you wish.

6. Update your own individual page as needed (if tracking is too hard, consider printing out your page and filling it out by hand and updating it once a week). The total mileage will automatically be updated on the Summary tab as you report on your individual page.

7. Follow #GoTheDist on Twitter for support if you need it or to support others when they do, to announce achievements, and find new/old friends!

8. PLEASE DO NOT DELETE LINES OR TABS! Do not SORT. If you want to add columns, please add them to the RIGHT of the page. Please do NOT move your page around! You CAN bookmark your individual page using your browser to find it easily.


Very interesting! I love it! Would Body Combat count? There are a lot of TaeKwonDo types of kicks & punches in it.


Body Combat should count, it's basically cardio kickboxing


Body Combat definitely counts.... anything that lets out the inner beast and throws a few punches.


would re-enacting the library montage from The Breakfast Club count? You know, where Emilio Estevez runs through the room punching the air?

Just kidding...I'll be kickboxing - woot!


I set my goals. My post will be posting tomorrow since I already posted a few times today. I did not put fighting as my second modality because this is really the last month of marathon training and with that I can't make time for body combat. I will be later. Before I read this, I have been thinking about trying to get my husband to try some boxing as a workout based on watching the Biggest Loser and the unknowns (i'm about 8 episodes behind so don't ruin anything)
I need to email this to my husband and see if he'll do it. He's only be working out really for 10 days but everyone has to start somewhere. He could barely walk for 3 days after the leg workout I gave him (weights). Oops.


Colleen, it's all about doing what's appropriate for you. If you can't do the fighting challenge this month, that's okay. But you can incorporate the spirit of the fight in your runs by putting your heart into it, not just your body.



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