My "Hot Mess Sandwich"

1 Multigrain Arnold Sandwich Thin (100 Calories) 4 Slices Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Honey Ham  (80 calories) 1/8 cup Kraft Shredded Park-S...

1 Multigrain Arnold Sandwich Thin (100 Calories)

4 Slices Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Honey Ham (80 calories)

1/8 cup Kraft Shredded Park-Skim Mozzarella (40 calories)

A handful of spinach (2 calories or so)
A few slices of sliced mushroom (2 calorie or so)

(Total:  224 calories)

Toast the sandwich thin.

Microwave the rest in a circular microwavable container for 30 seconds.

Carefully slide sandwich contents onto bread and enjoy!

(also tastes good with a scrambled egg instead of the ham!)

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  1. That hot mess of a sandwich looks REALLY good!!

  2. Looks like a hot mess in a good way! Yum! And how easy!

  3. Love those sandwhich thins... Helps me not miss bread. BTW--just saw your bikini bod on facebook and wow, you are looking great. Sorry I haven't been by to visit lately...

    Hmmm, boxing sounds like a lot of fun. My son was a professional boxer and maybe I should think about it. It's probably a great way to relieve tension.

    Anyways, just wanted to say "hey, and tell you how great you look."


  4. Paula--
    I'm not a huge bread person, but I love sandwich fixings. It helps me get my fix without the extra calories of something I don't totally love.

    Thank you for all your compliments. Hon, everyone leads busy lives. I'd rather you spend a few minutes on yourself than a few minutes on me any day. Time well spent, either way.

    As for your son.... you have a great resource there! Learn from him!

  5. I make this sandwich all the time with eggs, fish burgers, or veggie burgers. Same thing: sandwich thin, cheese, and spinach. Delicious!!

  6. ooo I love those little bread rounds. And that really looks devine.


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