Boxing Day #2: Showing Up

So apparently I am glutton for punishment -- I went back to LA Boxing for workout number 2 with Trainer, Pat H.

Last night I was only planning on going for a short (5 mile) run on the elliptical, but something Carver said made me want to push for more and dedicate 10 miles to her, their effort and their journey.  And well, if I was going to run 10 miles, I might as well tack on 3.1 more and dedicate them to myself.  My workout with Pat from Saturday was still affecting me -- my arms were sore and for the first 5 miles, I kept my elbows tucked in to my body.  Eventually my pectoralis muscles started to loosen up.  Once that happened, running felt much better.

My appointment today with Pat H. was scheduled for 7 am.  Not being a natural morning person, I made sure to lay out my clothing and pack my bags (work clothing, toiletries, and breakfast) the night before.  I set my alarm for 6 so I would have time to take a shower if I needed it to wake up, toss something in my mouth, and hoof it to the gym.  I guess I was so excited to train with Pat again, that I didn't get to sleep until 1 am and mysteriously woke up at 5.  I lay in bed until 6 cuddling with my cats.

(As a complete aside, I wanted to express the utter love I had for myself and my body this morning.  What a journey it has been.  To be able to wake up, stretch and just love myself to bits is something that wouldn't have happened last year.  I'm thankful for this.  I'm thankful for every good day my body gives me.  And it shows.  Imperfect, and with some work to do, but I love each and every bit of me.)

At 6 am I start getting ready to go to the gym.  I'm out the door by 6:30 and it's a GORGEOUS day.  I stopped at Panera for an egg spinach artichoke souffle thingy (Egads! at 540 calories, I will NOT be eating that again!) and some muffins (apple crunch has 450 calories, carrot walnut has 500! Panera will be avoided in the future at all costs) for Pat H.

Pat H. started me out with some cardio to warm up (I chose the treadmill for kicks) and then we went into an upper body workout.  Having a trainer is great for many reasons -- he makes sure I'm keeping the right form, he counts when I don't, and he helps me push through muscle fatigue.  We did about 45 minutes of alternating between a bunch of exercises.


Yes, this made me very happy.  We did left jab and right cross (I'm right handed).  I do have some experience and practice throwing punches (I studied taekwondo before my back said "no" in college) as well as sparring.  He let me wail on a heavy bag for a little bit (oh so much joy!) and then he brought out the punch mitts and had me moving around while punching (I'm not the most graceful person ever -- will work on that).  However I do have some focus-correction areas to work on:  (1) keeping my hands up; (2) getting my response time faster; and, (3) sticking with the combination even when I don't make a great connection.  

All-in-all a great time!  I can't wait to go again (Thursday at 7 am) (told you I was a glutton for punishment).  

A few words from Pat H:
How did Robby do?
Robby did extremely well today.  Now,  what I want to work on is getting her acclimated to the resistance. Once her body is acclimated then we can really start to push it some more. It has to get sore first.
What what should Robby do until the next time you meet?
Take tomorrow (Wednesday) completely off -- Thursday we're going to attack those legs.  [Legs say "eeep!"]
Any advice for someone someone who might want to take up boxing?
Start conditioning aspects, slow walk outside, or access to a treadmill, work up time and miles.  Focus on getting heart in condition -- and getting a lower resting heart rate.  Boxing is very demanding.

Is boxing a good exercise for people that are overweight or obese? 
Anyone can do it. If you can hold your hands up, you can punch.  Punch and do it again.  It'll be slow at first but it gets faster.
Any general fitness advice? 
Consistency to whatever workout program you start is key.  Just show up.

[Originally, Robby was going to say "show up with a smile and muffins" but after reading the nutrition info on the muffins, just bring the smile and good attitude!]


Wow Girl! You are getting fit and toned!!!! I'm in awe at how you go full out! A lot of people should take a page from your book!


Thanks Christian -- I don't think it's in me yet, but i want to write a post about "Finding Your Fight" -- the basic gist is that at some point I didn't want to waste the best years of my life stuck in a body I didn't feel was mine.

I'm getting fitter... I'm getting more toned. It's an evolution.


Good for you! I'm really happy to see you mixing it up. All those miles on the elliptical are great but this kind of variety is going to take you to the next level. Boxing sounds like an absolute blast!

Also, the better choice for breakfast at Panera is the Power Breakfast Sandwich. It's on their whole grain miche & has far fewer calories, more fiber, and a lot more protein. Take it from a longtime Panera wife--I know their menu by heart. ;)


Heli: I'm with you on the variety -- I needed to switch it up in order to push through a plateau. And I like hitting things.

I might give Panera another chance. I didn't realize the souffle came in a croissant. Total fail on my part there. I should just have had my oatmeal and strawberries. I wanted an egg without having to cook it myself.


Hey, I actually purchased a month of unlimited boxing from GROUPON with LA Boxing. I am so looking forward to it. Are you in Chicago too?


Diva -- LA Boxing is all over the country -- I'm in DC!!


Ooh, punching things is the best exercise! It works you so well, and the thwump of hitting is just so satisfying :)


Beth -- it is more than satisfying.... it's primal and kinda adorable (especially with my ponytail whipping around).


Sounds like an awesome experience! Glad you're enjoying it so much!


Lily -- It's a fantastic adventure.


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