"When life gives you lemons..."

Well how do you complete that phrase?

Are you only thinking of adding the sugar to make the lemonade sweet, and the water to dilute the acidity? 

Do you want to throw the lemons back at life sometimes?

This past weekend it was raining lemons down on me -- lost my wallet (Kenneth Cole clutch with ID, credit cards, check card, health card, hair tie, metro card) on Friday and my cell phone's screen died on me on Sunday.  I did my taxes and that was.... well... depressing.  I have things that I need to be doing in order to prepare for my upcoming vacation (getting my passport renewed, getting clothing that fits me, getting bathing suit ready). I also have the April #GoTheDist challenge to think about, as well as trying to fill the Finding Your Fight: Intro to Boxing class (which is going s l o w l y).  And then there's my complicated-yet-uncomplicated romantic life causing all sorts of undue strife.

Whereas I used to immediately go into a panic and shut down, I find that there's an eerie sense of calm about me.  I know there is only so much I can do.  I know that shoving food in my mouth isn't going to help me. I know that trying to solve every problem all at once will result in me not being able to solve anything.  I am focused on what is in front of me, what I can actually fix, and what is a pressing need.

I am thankful for the lemons.
They remind me I have the ability to handle life as it comes to me.
Let me receive it gently.
Let me receive it gently.

I am thankful for the lemons.
They remind me that struggle is not failure.

Let me rise to the challenge.
Let me overcome.


If life throws lemons at me I'll make my all time favorite lemon pie!! =)
I'm glad you're keeping the positive attitude girlie! At least you're going on a vacation right? <3


I really like your attitude! This is a great post. I'll be back to read more of them. :) Oh, I found you on Twitter - #7daychip.

Maria's Musings and Weight Loss


Munching crisps here now, bit disappointed in a group of friends. Shouldn't be eating it away, but hell, I don't care right now.

That holiday resort looks great. Jealous, actually :-p You must promise me lots of pics, ok? And maybe, maybe next year?


Your title reminds me of 10 Things I hate about you.

-"I know you can be overwhelmed. And I know you can be underwhelmed. But can you ever just be whelmed?"
-"I think you can in Europe"

Way to have a calm attitude. Sometimes we need to race down the river of life, and sometimes we need to just float.


Z--lemon curd is heavenly, isn't it? What kind of lemon pie do you make? And I'm trying to stay positive, otherwise I would quickly sink...

Maria -- welcome to my blog. I hope to see you around quite a bit.

Gudrun -- no more excuses from me... I promise :) Especially now that the boys are older, we can have more adventures (And Merel needs to know her "auntie" will always be on guard for her). Lots of pictures from Mexico -- it's our 30th birthday gift to each other.

Mertle -- hahaha yesh..... now that you mention it. And you're right, sometimes we just have to go with the flow. We'll get there.


Make a lemon drop martini? lol I miss chatting with you on twitter. But I have a few more weeks left in my lenten sacrifice. See you in April #gothedist!



Lemon drop martinis actually don't have much lemon in them -- and way too much sugar :(


BUT I like where your head is (vodka/lemon gimlet?)


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