I think when you start this journey, you know you're going to have to make a few choices -- such as "put down the potato chips, pick up the dumbbell"  but I've been surprised with some of the other choices I've been making:

It used to be that one of the few "girly" things I really indulged in was getting my hair professionally done -- dyed, highlighted and lowlighted -- to the tune of $300 every few months. 

Now, I spend $9 on a box of dye and the rest of the $291 on better food, gym clothes, sneakers, trainers, gym stuff, etc.

I used to look forward to the weekend as a time to go shopping, drink a bunch with friends, and go man hunting. 

Now, I see the weekend as good times to catch up on sleep (body/muscle repair), get in long runs (10 miles), and prepare my food plan for the week. 

I used to be game for going out for happy hours with coworkers and friends just about any day of the week.

Now, I find myself at the bar wishing I were at the gym, or at the bar drinking one drink/something non-alcoholic so I can make it to the gym the next morning. 

I used to skip breakfast.

Now, I have a breakfast that is easy on my stomach and high in nutrients (raspberry Chobani + half a cup of fiber one + chia seeds + piece of fruit).  I don't have an excuse to skip it.

I used to look in the mirror until all the imperfections came into focus.  I'd pick at my skin until I had exorcised all the demons. 

Now, I still do it in times of anxiety/stress (as it is an anxiety disorder to begin with, and a weird habit now), but I find myself able to look in the mirror until my imperfections fade into all that is right, good, and perfect about me.

I used to hide from going to the gym because of stupid things -- like not having shaved my legs, or thinking that I was an interloper, or that people would judge the fat girl at the gym.

Now, the gym is my sanctuary.  It is my second home.  It is my temple.  It is where I belong.  The people there are my people, my peers.  It is where I found out just who I am and just what I'm made of. 


Love this post.
While the gym hasn't become my sanctuary, and I am currently dreading the 3 1/2 hour practice today in the rain, I LOVE how I feel after practice. I LOVE how I feel after going to the gym. :)


U have made some great changes!! Success can not help but be all yours!!


Great post! I'm starting to make those changes now as well. I don't worry about having no plans for weekends anymore. I use it for workouts, rest, and for living in the moment.


I'm glad you all can relate and like the post <3


Love this -- feel like I could have written it!


sounds really good changes!
good luck on your journey!


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