May #GoTheDist Final Thoughts from Vena/@Phatterri

Vena/@Phatterri is one of #GoTheDist's longest running participants.  (hahaha.... I'm funny. Get it? Longest running?)

If you want a great example of how to work #GoTheDist, just look to her -- as she is very consistent about posting her mileage as well as supporting everyone else as they reach their goals.  It's utterly inspiring to see how one simple idea, that success is measured in more than just pounds lost can not only unite a community, but help people change their lives, one mile at a time. 

Can you believe she's the mother of three grown children?  What a hottie! 

After a strong finish in the April challenge I decided to go for it in May and increase my run and biking miles to a new high. I felt stronger then I had in a long time and knew that I could meet these goals with no problem, but it was not to be.

Around that second week I started noticing something was off and in my usual fashion I tried to brush it off and keep going. Along with the challenge goals, I have been training for a duathlon set for the end of June. The more I ran and trained the more exhausted I felt. On the 13th I was scheduled to run a 5k and an old knee injury reared it’s ugly head at mile one. I ended up doing run/walk intervals and still managed to complete the race with around a little more than 12 minute pace.

Between the knee and my exhaustion I knew a doctor’s visit was necessary. The doctor told me needed to have my meds adjusted and take a week off of EVERYTHING. OMG that was a tough week. I kept thinking about losing mileage. It was also really hard to watch my training buddies move forward with training and having to modify my workouts to take it easy. What? They said no workout, well I didn't run. Bad patient.

After a week I got clearance from my doctor to run and train again. I had to cut my mileage by half and slow down. This actually wasn't so bad I had gotten to the point where I couldn't run for more than half a mile without gasping for breath. With the slower pace I've gone as far as 4.5 miles without a break. That's awesome.

This month showed me that is not all about the numbers. I need to take better care of myself and reach out for help at the first sign that something feels wrong. By the end of the month I only got to 70% of my goal but you know what that's okay. Onward & Upwards!

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