FGvW Vlog #4: The Joy of Exercise!

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  1. You ARE awesomesauce!! :)

    And I totally want a hula hoop now!

  2. I'm some half-naked awesomesauce :P

    Definitely get yourself a hoop! they're easy to make!


  3. awesome! you motivate me on so many levels! i am trying to make it a change for good. its just difficult.

  4. Struggle is okay.

    But character is all about who you are in the face of that struggle/adversity.

    Choose to succeed and you will. It's not easy, but it's so worth it.

  5. and we LOVE your halfnekid vlog of awesomenessment.

    (Id love a guest post some day!)


  6. I just "met" you (your blog) and I'm already in love! too soon?

  7. I dunno, Nicole.... hopefully you won't be wanting little FGvWBlog babies any time soon.

  8. AWESOME! So brave and beautiful - LURVE! And so love the convo about having to be mindful during boxing... sooooo interesting. Great job!

  9. Awww *blushes**
    Not all exercise requires the same mental or physical exertion. I feel completely exhausted and lovely after boxing.

  10. You are a good hula-hooper! How much practice did it take to be able to do that?! Bravo!

  11. Yay for half nekked activities! XD for my #GoTheDist June challenge I started dancing in my skivies, its cheap and it really shows us what our bodies can do even if we are overweight. I've always wanted to hula but I just couldn't get a good rhythm down!

  12. Yay for hula hooping half nakkid!!! I'm waiting on my hoop to be retaped so I can hoop some more.
    I love your blog and your attitude.
    I'm struggling with the naked time for #gothedist this month but I'm trying.

  13. Christa -- woo hoo!! get on with your bad self!!
    As for hula, try with a heavier hoop. It's much easier to get around. And be okay with failing a few times before you get it right.

    Bambi -- Uh huh and yeah!! Hula party!! As for the naked time, I think EVERYONE is struggling, but that's exactly the point I think I was trying to make. We can be all okay and woo hoo about diet/exercise, but that's not all of the work we need to be doing to make a complete transformation.


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