OctGTD: Still Time to Sign Up

Every good challenge needs a logo.... so... It might be a little dark, but I can fix that if it's just me that doesn't like it.  What do you think?

I also want to thank the many of you who have spread the word via Twitter (too many to name, but especially @athletecomeback and @jpnagan for encouraging me to set up the challenge) and all of you who have either spread the word or shared your story behind #OctGTD on your blog (let me know if you've written about it but I have't seen it yet).

Ashley's Post....made me either want to cry or to blush... probably both... but I'm so glad she found the challenge to be something she could include on her journey
Si's Post....made me proud that I could provide the motivation he wanted, as he is often the one motivating and supporting me
Karen's Post...a great reminder that (1) challenges can be BFFs 4Eva! and (2) to take on something epic requires a little bit of balance and planning
Brigiitte's Post...another reminder that you can challenge yourself in more ways than one
Patrick's Post...lots of love from one of my favorite bloggers turned tweeple :)

A reminder/clarification --
Send me an email each FRIDAY with your weekly milage, broken out by day.
For example: 

"Hey Robby, it's @fatgirlvsworld.  

Here's my milage:
Friday 10/1/2010 -- 3.2 miles
Saturday 10/2/2010 -- 5 miles
Sunday 10/3/2010 -- rest
Monday 10/4/2010 -- 2.4 miles
Tuesday 10/5/2010 -- 7.6 miles
Wednesday 10/6/2010 -- rest
Thursday 10/7/2010 -- 4.1 miles

Total: 22.3 miles"

I'll update the chart as best/fast as possible (considering I have 120 miles to run as well as input data, this will be fun!!) so that by Monday you can see where everyone stands.  Because of how the chart is coded (with everyone getting their own spreadsheet that feeds into the displayed summary) I can't sort according to challenge and modality -- but try to find someone with a similar pledge.  Follow, support, and challenge them.  The buddy system might help you meet your goals as well as push past any obstacles.


Hey girlie! You are pretty fantastic for hosting this challenge! I am presuming by your example that you don't want an email for only tomorrow. It is a Friday but only day 1. Just curious!


Brigitte -- you can send me an email if you realllllly want to -- but i'm expecting the first batch of emails October 8.


My pleasure, so very glad that YOU created this. I am excited, let's go!!


I'm so excited! I wish we could get tshirts made to wear while logging our miles or something awesome....


Oh! Oh! I'm CHANGING my "running" to "bicycling". I'm still going to get my running in, but with the introduction of Miss Priss into my life, I'm going to rack up some serious miles in your challenge!

Miss Priss? You Betcha! http://ktf-skinnyme.blogspot.com/2010/09/derailleurs-are-for-wimps.html

Thank you for organizing this!


Angela -- would you like me to change it or are you resubmitting your forms?
Miss Priss is GORGEOUS!!


Hi, I'm a new follower and loving your blog! Great inspiration, thanks! :) You made me really think with this post--what attainable goal have I set for myself? So I'm going to move 25 miles this month...thanks for reminding me that I'm supposed to be trying harder! --Wocky Wookie Girl of ...evilfatbegone.blogspot.com...


I was going to ask the question about sending one in today (since it is friday) but it seems you have already answered!
Thanks again for setting up this challenge.

It motivated me to run longer than I normally do ;)


Nothing I like better than getting mention! Thanks kiddo. I did my 3 miles today and it was a killer. Need to dig deep to get all the way to 120.


I just discovered your blog and I absolutely LOVE your rules. Losing weight and loving your body can be difficult (been there)! From what I've read, you are an amazing woman. I can't wait to read more and good luck on go the distance october!


WockyWookie -- Do i need to speak in wookie? Arrrrhhhhieeeeeggghhooouuu, or welcome to my blog. I think it's really too easy to focus on weight loss. I wanted this challenge to be about how far you can push yourself mentally and physically--perhaps even further than you thought you could go. Aim 10-25% above what you think you can do.

Sava -- i'm glad to hear that the challenge is inspiring you to push past your normal stopping point. Keep it up! Demolish that goal!

JP-- i know you have it in you. Pay attention to signs of pain/injury, but also ask yourself if it's your mind that's stopping you or your body. Your body will respond if you push it.

Sarah -- welcome to my blog as well. I'm glad you like my rules. I hope you start to follow them and find a way to be kind to the body that is capable of so much. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!


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