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Upon watching Drop Dead Diva, I began thinking about the following things. I was wondering what your take is on it.  What do you do to ho...

Upon watching Drop Dead Diva, I began thinking about the following things. I was wondering what your take is on it. 

What do you do to honor the person you left behind/are leaving behind as you shed the pounds? 
How do the two people (past and present) exist within you? 
Do you think when you've reached your goal/goal weight, that the past version of you will be gone?

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  1. I'm considerably more honest than I used to be. After shedding weight and then realizing how much B.S. I put out there for years, I have very little patience for other B.S. out there. I don't like people to waste my time with bad excuses. It's not just with weight-related issues either.

  2. I'm much more outgoing. The old me would much rather hide in the shadows. It's a good thing. I can only hope that by goal I've shed the shy girl part of my persona. I'm not sure that I will miss her!

  3. One of these days I'll write that entry for you...its kind of about this very topic.

  4. I've still got a long way to go, but I feel happier and more determined to follow my dreams.

  5. Emily -- you're always welcome to take up the pen and guest blog :)

  6. Sometimes I think about that girl. It mostly makes me feel like I am literally thinking about another person. And quite often, I feel very sad for her.

  7. First of all, I love Drop Dead Diva, so good job in liking an awesome show. I will say that after I watched that episode I didn't have the same soulful introspective thoughts as you, but you bring up a really good point! It really is like you have two different people inside of you when you struggle with your weight - the person you are on the outside, and the person you want to be. Or that you are, just only on the inside.

    I like to think that once I reach my goal weight, I won't really have changed much except in my attitude and perceptions towards food and my health, but you know what, maybe it wouldn't really be such a bad thing if I did really CHANGE, too. Because there's a reason that the person I am now got to the point I am at, weight-wise, and maybe in shedding the pounds, if I shed away the reasons I gained the weight in the first place, I'll be left with a whole new person to forge forward as.

    I really enjoy reading your blog! Nice to find another fellow DC-er out there on a similar journey. :)

  8. Foxyliscious -- i think it's okay to feel sad for the person we were (i think "empathetic" might be a better word). It means we know their unhappiness. We know their struggle. And yet, we've come out on the other side.

    Gretchen -- Yay DC!
    Well to know me is to know i can be introspective with just about anything. It's a function of my mind.

    I think part of the reason why I'm so familiar with this question is because i firmly believe that after my mom died, I split into 2 people -- the 13 y/o who is ever present and wants to be mothered, and the 29 year old that had to grow up way before her time. I feel both sets of needs. And now that I have a fat mentality and a healthy mentality, there are another set of needs I have to care for.

    I was explaining it to my HR director the other day that if it were just an issue of diet & exercise, that most obese people wouldn't be obese -- but there's the whole emotional aspect of the journey that either gets in our way or motivates us. Addressing the emotional side is the key to our success and our failures.

    I think that you cannot ignore the person that was. I think that's a critical error. We can't abandon the person that went through all the suffering once we are physically healthy. They are a part of the journey, and they will be a part of the journey from now until we die. They inform the paths we take just as much as our own new healthy mentality.

    I don't think you necessarily have to carry the burdens of that person, but you can help that person to let go of those burdens and walk with you on the journey. Forward as a team, eh?

  9. Thanks for your kind words darl :), I do struggle day to day remembering who she was. But I do often admire her, after all she was strong for so long, she got me to where I am today.


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