I think just about everyone who reads this blog can empathize with the statement that our bodies either have in the past or currently place limitations on the things we want to do.

It might be something simple like not being flexible enough to be a pretzel-shaped yogi, or not strong enough to benchpress a Prius.  But for some of us, the requests we place on our body are small ones -- things like "Please don't crap out on me" or "Just give me one day without pain."  And some of them are big ones, such as not fighting us on this whole weight loss/health gain adventure.

Today I asked my body to do something it's never done.
It might not be much for another person, but it was big for me:  3 minutes of running on a treadmill at a 7mph pace. Nonstop.  AND I DIDN'T DIE! I know! In other words: epic.

After doing that I added 10k on the elliptical towards my 100 miles (160 km) in September personal challenge.  That brings me up to 27 km just in the first 4 days of the challenge.  Not bad, right?

So since I burned lots of calories and didn't eat much (i'm up currently consume 1900 and burn 2900 and i won't be eating any more today -- with 4 more hours left in the day I think I'm okay), I decided to get dolled up and take myself out to dinner (turkey burger with no bun, broccoli and mac & cheese).

I also spent some day sunning myself at the pool today. It was fantastic -- a light breeze, a few clouds, and it wasn't hot as balls! And i did so in a bikini!

You might not notice, but I'm noticing the tiny little changes in my body. And I'm loving each and every bit of it. I thought I'd take another picture to chart the progression:

July 24th, 2010

 May 31, 2010

this is me in 2006


I am super proud of you!! So glad the cranky back is getting better. Looking good!


Progress pics are so cool, they do so much to keep that flame burning. Great job on the epic treadmill run, so glad you didn't die :-)

Looking Good!


You are looking fantastic! Not only in body but your confidence is shining through you smile!! well done to you xx


7 mph!! Incredible :)
Keep rocking it girl!


there's no stopping you! I live for the minute daily changes, and love that you take lots of progress pics. I wish I did that but I'm too lazy. ;)You look vibrant and strong--wear your bikini proudly!


I fully expect to pass out and die every time I run. Thankfully my body is strong and I keep on going strong.

You look awesome!!!


Goddamn you look good!

BTW, I just tried on one of my old dresses size 40, and apart from the belly, it did fit! I must admit it being a large size for a 40, but still...

Hey, next time we meet, we'll rock the boys off their socks :-p


That's amazing progress you should be really proud of your self I know I am, your looking absolutly stunning!


Brigitte -- cranky back still has its moments, but i think it realizes that nothing will keep me down for long. I still have to respect when it says "enough" but it knows i"m in charge now.

Patrick -- thank you hon. One day I might even be doing bleacher runs with you :) not quite yet, but maybe one day.

Andrea -- I don't know if it's confidence, but the more I sweat, the more I just don't care about what people think about me. The more I know how much work I've put into myself and how much that matters.

Val -- most people don't look fat when they're a motion blur, eh?

Heli -- my dear, you should have some measure other than a scale to see the changes. You use a tape measure?

Sana -- the more I do it, the more I know I won't die. It's fantastic. I wish I could tell 7 y/o me that had trouble doing the mile run in gym class that it gets better the more you practice.

Gudrun -- I can only imagine how hot you're going to look post-pregnancy! And i think we already rock the boys' socks off.

Simon -- thank you for your lovely compliments. You're such a peach!


You've made amazing progress, so proud of you!


Natalia -- thank you

Chris -- I'm lucky -- i have had a great team of people supporting me :)


You look awesome. Also 7mph...wow.


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