Time to think...

I did the math last night.  My serious goal looked more like an impossible goal.

The Old Me would give up.  The New Me did the math and came up with a plan.
I would have to run over 10k every day until the end of September to reach my 100 mile/160km goal.
Doable. Very doable.

But I figured I'd give myself a little bit of a cushion, and I did 16.25 km today (a little over 10m).

All that time on the elliptical gives you a lot of time to think.

I thought about the first time I was on the elliptical at the gym back in October 2006 -- when I was working with a trainer that was a marathon runner.  I could barely do a single kilometer. My lungs said "no."  The lactic acid built up in my legs until they also said "no."  More than anything, my mind said "no."

For most of my life I would listen when my mind would say "no."  I wouldn't listen to when my parents said "no." I wouldn't listen when someone said they didn't think I could do something.  And yet, when my mind told my body "no" I accepted it as fact.

And then slowly but surely as I pushed myself 5 minutes more, or a few km more, the "no" became a "maybe" and the "maybe" became a "yes."

That's the difference between the me then and the me now.  I say yes to what my body wants.
I feel I have earned my body's respect (by using the good fuel) and my body's response has been that it has risen to the challenges I have put before it.  My body is saying yes, my mind is saying yes.

As silly as it seems, I get the movie "Yes Man" more now. I understand the point that life is not about saying yes to everything blindly, but choosing what we want to say yes to--that it is possible.

I would love one day to open up a health center (once I hit the lotto and after i open my own animal shelter?) to teach people how to reprogram their lives, their bodies, and their minds to reflect their desire to be healthy.  I want to give people the tools they need to overhaul and remodel their minds, their bodies, their lives.  It is possible.  You just gotta do the work.

I have 18 more miles to run before the end of the month. It's doable. 


Girl, that is only 4.5 miles a day! You can do it! How long did it take you today to do 16.25 KM? I did the elliptical for 5.5 minutes on thursday, and whoaaa baby did my legs hurt or what!!!


It posts always inspire me and this one is no different. After going on an elliptical for the first time in about 18 years recently, the thought of 10 miles on one makes me want to curl into a ball and call for my mummy. You rock!


That IS only 4.5 miles a day! You can so do this!!

I'll join you...4.5 miles a day...I'm walking mine outside, though, because the temperatures are FINALLY below 90 degrees! In fact, they're below 80, so I'm totally thrilled to not be sweating like a pig.


I think the body sometimes tests us to see if we remain a "No" person. Way to go on doing your 10 miles.


I think you're on the right track by breaking your goal down into realistic steps. Now, the hard part! Thing is, you know you can do this. We all know you can do this!!


Nice work on the running and pushing through the No's of the old you. You may not have a center from which to help folks get their lives on track, hopefully some day if that is what you want; but you do just that here from your blog now.

Keep on runnin!


You can do this!

You continue to inspire me with the running and the way you push yourself.


Brittany -- I do about 8km/hr -- so a little over 2 hours. You build up the ability to use the elliptical (or any type of running) over time. Try doing interval programs that increase/decrease the resistance and crossramp. It will help pass the time as well as challenge your body.

Suzanne -- curl in the ball if you need to, but I know you're way stronger than a machine.

Angela -- You kick ass, you know that? I'm thrilled that the temps have gone down, but i can't run outside and reap those benefits. Stupid back! But my co-worker Meredith and I are happier that the cooler weather means that we can go for lunchtime walks and not feel gross after.

Jennifer -- My body was doing that this morning "do you want to wake up" "noooo....."

Rae -- Not only do I break down goals into realistic steps, but I am also flexible enough to change the goals when things don't go my way. It doesn't throw me into a tailspin, but it puts me into strategic mode.

Patrick -- until my delusions of grandeur of achieved, there's always Richard Simmons :) But you're right, I have 184 people following my blog and who knows who else reads it... If I can help just one person, I know it's worth it.

Mary -- thank you for saying that :) If it makes any sense, I feel more like I'm following myself. Like the person I'm supposed to be is guiding me down a path. I'm just not putting up the resistance anymore.


Rock on!! Isn't amazing to see how far we have come? A lady at church who reads my blog and stuff via Facebook asked if I really run 6 miles at a time or was I just saying that I did it. Hell yes, I run it and I am so proud of being able to do it!


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