Ghosts of Photos Past

So, I mentioned in a previous post that there were some photos that helped illuminate the fact that I was fat and drank too much.

Well... I found one of those photos.  And as I totally believe in (1) journalistic integrity/honesty and (2) embarrassing myself as much as possible, here goes:

Me in 2001 (?) (age 20)

Me in 2003 (age 22, with bangs!)

Me in 2004 (age 23, what the hell was I thinking? what the hell was I wearing?)


I think my focus was in the wrong place, my first thought about the bottom two photos: Hey, she has a widow's peak like me!


Three cheers for journalistic integrity! ;)


Kendra -- I have a very dramatic one. people used to ask if I drew it in.


I've been looking around your blog - looks like you are doing great!!


Becky -- i'm trying to.... but these pictures are reminders of people I don't want to be anymore.
Well... maybe the photo in the bangs. I remember my butt being really cute back then b/c of all the stairs i was going up and down at work.


Thank you for sharing - I am sure that I have some equally classy shots hidden somewhere ;-)


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