#OctGTD: Update and some personal stuff

The personal aside:  So three days in... and I haven't seen the inside of a gym yet.
Life is getting in the way but that's just what it is going to be. I was walking around NYC, and walking around in heels. My legs are hurting and my dogs are barking. C'est la vie. I had a great time at Nancy's bachelorette party.  my highlight was when my friend Emily grabbed my butt (yeah these things happened and there was alcohol involved) and was impressed with how solid I'm getting.  Yeah I had guys hitting on me and such, but it means more to me that someone who knows my journey notices these things.  I think I looked great (this is the dress I settled on), but more than that, I felt great.

Business:  I just wanted to check in with you all -- because the response to the October: Going the Distance Challenge has been so good, I have 65 people to track now.  Feel free to send me an email THIS FRIDAY (October 8) with your miles (for October 1-7), but you don't need to break it down by day for my benefit. I'll just put in the weekly total.  Otherwise I'd have to hire an assistant.

Don't forget there is a #OctGTD Participant Chart that you can download (save as an Excel document) to help you track your miles.

As a second order of business, I wanted to repeat my disclaimer:  Please talk to your doctor(s), trainer(s) before taking on any new exercise program or challenge to decide what is most appropriate for your ability and health.

Know Your Body
For many of you, this is the first type of exercise challenge you have participated in and I want to make sure that you are:  (1) listening to what your body is telling you, (2) being responsive if your body is telling you that you are injured versus sore (and don't forget to STRETCH before and after a workout, and (3) setting reasonable and flexible goals that will push you but not ruin you. 

Know Your Math

Know your basal metabolic rate.
Know your activity multiplier
And know how much you are burning (I highly suggest investing in the Body Media Fit device along with your regular heart rate monitor).
Know Your Fuel
Please also consider your diet and nutrition during this challenge.  For many of you, your activity level is going up and the stress you place on your body is greater.  Proper diet and nutrition will help you get through your workout as well as help you recover.

If you need help or direction, please consult a registered dietitian (especially one who is proficient in sports nutrition as well as weight management) as many doctors/trainers aren't up to speed on this.

Make sure you are eating quality fuel.
Make sure you are eating enough of this quality fuel.

If you are food logging, keep on logging.
If you are keeping track of points, continue keeping track of your points.
If you are not doing either, consider one of the many free Web sites that will let you track your food intake -- like Livestrong/The Daily Plate or SparkPeople.

Know your life
Have a plan.  I cannot stress this enough.  Take your pledged mile total and divide it among 4 weeks.  Figure out the structure of those weeks. Do you need to/want to work up to a longer mileage per session?  Do you want consistent distances per workout.  Have an idea of where you want to be at the end of each week.

Plan for rest days.  I'll say that again.  Plan for rest days.
My definition of a rest day:  It is a day out of the gym.  I might go for a long walk, but nothing where my heart rate is elevated for a long period of time with the intent of exercise.  It is a day when I am mindful of my diet, but knowing that I am not going to be needing extra calories/fuel, I adjust my intake accordingly.  It is a day where I am mindful of my body's needs and allow it to recover.

Likewise, along with the diet aspect, have a plan to deal with your diet.  If your focus is honoring hunger, make sure you have high quality food/snacks available.  If your focus is on nutritional balance, have an idea of where your nutritional elements are going to fall during the day.  If your focus is on something else, know how it will interact with your activity level.

Be flexible, adjust when necessary.


Was glad to see your info on both weight mgmt and sports nutrition since those are two classes I'm currently taking for my nutrition cert! Great post girl! Love your advice on listening to your body and feeding it!

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This is a really good post!

It is a good idea to remember what your body is telling you. Mine told me that my knee was hurting this morning, so I didn't push it, but I'll be back on track tomorrow! :)


Tori -- that is my dietitcian's information -- she's been instrumental in helping me break through the 200lb wall what I haven't been under since HS. She is a phenomenal resource and if you're on twitter, you should introduce yourself to her -- @ScritchfieldRD
Also check out my tab "The Nurture Principles." Keep up your hard work!

I just wanted to make sure everyone was putting the importance of their health as a priority before the challenge. The challenge can wait until you're healthy.

Sava -- my knee tells me all sorts of things... I listen to it, but I also question it.


Thanks for the confession of the bad start to October exercise

I had full intention of getting to the gym on Friday, Saturday and again on Sunday but did nothing, zilch and nada. I finally made it today (Monday).

I was feeling really guilty but your honesty helped me forgive myself.


Sarah -- I knew it was going to be a bad start. I knew this was going to be a busy weekend for the past 2 months and that i would most likely not have a chance to go to the gym. So i danced and walked as much as i could.

I think it's super important to not beat yourself over not going to the gym. You should WANT to go to the gym. You should want it maybe not as much as a Tiffany ring, but you shouldn't dread it. The minute you dread the gym is when you start resenting working out. You're doing this for your body. Your body should thank you. Your mind should be on board as well.


I haven't been keeping on top of my blog reading lately and I'm SO GLAD i popped by your blog today. This is such a great post to remind me of the Basics of weight loss. THANKS! Sounds like you've been really busy - congrats on organizing a great challenge. If I wasn't already committed to another challenge I would have joined. For now, I think I'll try to focus on one at a time. Have a great week!


Rae -- two challenges is a bit much, but not impossible. Is there any crossover between the two?

And yesh, I wanted to rehash the basics for the people who are a bit new to pushing themselves. I don't want to be responsible (or feel guilty) for hurting anyone.


hey hotlegs mcshort skirt I completely didn't take into account the rest days and that's why I had to drop from 120 to 100. Always a good reminder that probably 10 days a month should be spent regaining strength to attack the next work out! Hope ya had a blast.


Hahah... I'm going to expect you to always call me HL McSS now.

And yeah, rest days are important. You have to give your body variation and time to recover!
I adjusted your milage in the spreadsheet already.


My motors running. Not even the loss by the Bears at the hands of the Giants has sent me off my rails.


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