Body Media Fit; Part II

I've posted before about the Body Media Fit system-- answering my friend Crystal's questions about the device.  Since then she has won herself the sister device, the BodyBugg (the main difference being the software).  
Gorgeous sweat stain
but the armband stayed on.
I thought I would re-answer those questions as well as add some new information.

As a preface: 
What is the Body Media Fit system/device?
First of all, the Body Media Web site is highly informative as to how it does what it does.  I suggest looking at it. 

The long of the short of it is that there are gnomes inside the unit that count how many calories you burn, how many steps you take, and how efficiently you sleep.  Those gnomes report to the gnomes inside the Body Media Fit Activity Manger Web interface.  You report your food intake to the Web gnomes.  A separate gnome who is very smart crunches the numbers and gives you an indication of how balanced your diet is, how active you are, and how well you sleep.

What are the Body Media Fit components?
There are three parts to the system:  the armband (this does all the measurements); the optional display unit (which displays calories burned, steps taken, activity levels and the time for today, yesterday, your goal, and a trip monitor); and the Web interface, the Body Media Activity Manager.  The whole system is available on the Body Media site for about $260.   You can get the system on other sites, like for about the same.

Crystal asked:

How are you liking it?
I am still loving it!  I admit that I'm excited to sync it online and see all of my statistics. I also admit that I get a little antsy when I'm not wearing it.  It's become something I don't like to leave my house without.

Before I started using the Body Media Fit system I never knew if what I was doing in the gym or in the kitchen was enough to help me regain control of my body.  Now I have a much better idea of what I need to do and how I need to eat in order to be healthy.

It has helped me remove 75% of the emotions that were holding me back from truly being successful at weight loss.

 Is the arm band comfortable to wear?

It's still comfortable for me.  I barely notice it is on my arm until it starts beeping (I have it programmed to go off at intervals to remind me to drink water, to get up from my desk, or that I really should be getting out of bed).  I've heard some people say that it's hard to wear while in bed, but you really do get accustomed to it.

Does it stay put?
Not always -- certain exercises will make it slip (especially since it should never be so tight as to act like a tourniquet) such as boxing/Wii Boxing, but it's not a bother.  It stays where it should be all other times. 

Do you wear it all the time?
The makers still recommend 1 hour of downtime a day (such as when you're showering/getting dressed) to let your skin breathe as well as let the unit recharge. 
While I said above that I don't like to leave home without it, I will take it off for special events (though the BMF does have a beadazzled version in their offices, I'm told, I don't think it's quite formal enough for the wedding....)

Are you finding it helpful for staying on track and accountable?
Yes, and no.   I'll say this -- you have to be motivated to do the work.  You have to get to the gym. You have to record your food intake.  When I'm motivated to do both of those things, the Body Media Fit system definitely makes recording everything super easy and straight forward.

However, the Body Media Fit system isn't a drill sergeant, nor is it a task master.  It will not send electrical shocks through my body when I've neglected to log a meal.  It will not set off an annoying air horn when I haven't made it to a gym.  In sum, it's helpful, but you have to want to be held accountable.

Do you use the subscription program it talked about?
Yes I do.  I've talked to many people who use the BodyBugg software, and the consensus is that the Body Media Fit online application is much easier to set up and use.   AND hold on to your pants here -- they're getting SMART!

Do you have to?
Yep. And for $6.95/month (if you subscribe for a full-year plan) it'd behoove you to do so as well.  Some people spend that much on coffee in a day!

Are you finding it to be helpful?
It is more than just helpful.  It has been instrumental in turning my life around.  My brother and I even got one for my dad.  My boss got systems for himself, his wife, and his brother.  I recommend it and explain it to everyone who asks about acquiring the system for themselves. 

I cannot encourage people do purchase one enough.   If you are serious and are ready to commit to this process (weight loss, weight gain, health gain, etc.), the Body Media Fit system is the first step I'd recommend. 

We all know that weight management and a healthy lifestyle is more than just numbers (emotions and psychology play a large part in all of this), but you cannot deny that the numbers play a huge part in all of this as well.  The Body Media Fit system helps you to separate the emotions from the facts.

From people in bars:
1.   No, it is not a SCRAM device.
2.  And no, it cannot detect alcohol intake (but you should put it in your food log).
3.  No, I haven't worn it while having sex.
4.  I haven't committed a violent felony (yet) and this is not a condition of my parole.
5.  No, there isn't someone in the crowd with a remote that will shock me. 
6.  It can't play MP3s (but you can clip the new iPod Nano or the Shuffle on the armband). 
7.  You want me to do jumping jacks? In heels? Fine.  Yep. 5 calories.
Your questions:
Yep... send me an email, or a DM on twitter (@fatgirlvsworld) and I'll answer them!

*Disclaimer 1: I'm not an employee for Body Media, I am just a user of its products. The opinions represented herein are solely that of FatGirlvsWorld, not Body Media Fit.
**Disclaimer 2: I was contacted by a representative for Body Media Fit to guest tweet for them. This entry, as well as the guest tweets are of my own volition and also express my own opinions. I am not being financially compensated for providing my opinions, however they were kind enough to provide me new armbands for the unit, as mine has suffered through many long runs. Though BodyMedia has been supportive of the blog community, often providing units for review, I purchased my own unit back in Feb. 2010.
***Disclaimer 3:  They were also ridiculously awesome in providing a Body Media Fit system for my dear friend, Chris, after I pointed Chris' blog out to them. Talk about an awesome company!


Great to know-I think I might check it out!

Thanks for the info!

Polar's Mom


I have a BodyMedia Fit. I Love it. I don't even notice it is there anymore. I don't leave it off for an hour a day but all summer if I was wearing short sleeves to work, I did not wear the arm band so I guess my arm had time to breathe then.

I don't like how you only get data 28 days at a time. I made some of my own graphs. (I didn't update them on the internet since April but here's the link You have to scroll to the bottom. The top ones are just for my weight.


Mom: Let me know if you have any more questions!

Colleen: That is an intimidating amount of data. How often do you weigh yourself?


I've wanted one of these so bad for a long time. I love any sort of raw data but especially when it's something I can experiment with. I would HAVE to find out how many calories are burned while messing around.


Kendra -- I'm approaching 1400 days....

I mean I could see how many calories I burn, but it's probably not that much.

The raw data is fascinating -- look at Colleen's link!


I weigh myself daily.
Sometimes I miss some days.
I started the weight graph in 2002 but I lost the data in 2006 so I only have those old graphs.
My favorite weight graph is the monthly one... or it used to be before I started gaining more weight.
I've been told I'm a little nuts. I also am told I have too many graphs.


BTW I got my gowear fit October 2 last year (OK I got it September 26 and it was broken so I had to send it back to get a new one and got that October 2). I have told a few friends I'm going to compare my first week last year with a week a year later. I just have yet to have time to analyze my data and make some graphs so I have not posted it yet. Now I want to post more. I am data driven. Check my run label or exercise label on my blog.

PS See the graph with steps. Note in February how my number of steps increased. I was on a running hiatus and returned from it in February.

I'm glad it is cooler now so I can wear the armband and it isn't as noticeable. I hate days without gathering data

(sorry i'm rambling here)


I am loving it so much. It's truly amazing. And so are you. :D


"No I haven't had sex while wearing it"

That cracked me up.


You really do keep us all motivated and thank you for doing so.


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