Fall Cleaning

First of all, I wanted to let you know that my life has forever changed (for the better) because of my involvement for the past year+ in the fitness blogging community.

I've met some real amazing bloggers along the way.  I've also come to realize that the style of blog I like to write (the emotional/transformative journey) is also the style of blog that I like to read.  Not to knock anyone who is writing down their daily stats or taking pictures of all their food.  That's your journey.  That's your blog.

In light of that, I will be tailoring my gReader/subscriptions to follow suit.  I just wanted to make it explicit:  if I unsubscribe from your blog, it doesn't mean I love you any less. I'm just trying to do what's right for me and my journey.  There's no love lost if you need to unsubscribe from mine or mark mine as read.

It's hard to keep up with so many fabulous blogs AND make sure I get to the gym, and that I cook for myself, and that I find time to relax away from a computer.  I hope you all understand. 

And please, as always, if you need to reach out to me for some support, please find me on email or Twitter.


I feel ya on that, girl. I'm in the beginning of my journey, but I went nuts and subscribed to tons of blogs that I can't possibly hope to keep up with. Now, while it makes me feel bad, I'm having to going through the laborious task of reevaluating my choices. It's hard to find time to do all those things that you listed in your post, and, in my case, watch grandchildren, work full time, run a household (in which my grandchildren and children live with me), help with homework, pacify the other half and find time to take care of ME (and a thousand other things). >.> While, like you, I am not knocking anyone's blogging "style," I myself prefer (reading and writing) the self-discovery sort of blogs, as well (which is why I am here *wink*).



I was trying to do the "Oh, I'll subscribe to you too" thing -- and it just got out of hand.

I think there has to be a happy balance in finding a community that you need as much as it needs you.

Thanks for landing on mine :)


There are soooo many blogs out there! I need to do the same... and weed out some of the blogs that i don't necessarily love so much!


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