The "Fit" of "Fitting In"

I love playing softball.  I always have.  However, ever year I played Little League, I dreaded uniform distribution.  Could they find a uniform that would fit me? That day always came with tears.  At some point I outgrew all of the girls' sizes and actually started wearing boys pants.  It was humiliating.

Gym class wasn't any better.  We didn't have a standard gym uniform that we all had to wear, so it was all these tiny girls wearing cutesy short shorts and tight shirts, and me in sweatpants and a t-shirt. This was the time before capris and yoga pants were popular.  Either I could fit into short shorts, or I could have painful chub rub chafing.  I had to pick.

In middle school, we had a pool.  Don't even get me started on finding bathing suits.  I never got to wear a cute training bra -- in 4th grade my mom purchased a 34B compression sports bra for me to wear.  Age-appropriate bathing suits were always hard to find.  I remember being so discouraged about this process that I convinced myself that it was okay to wear a wrestling unitard into the pool.

Now, I love my girlfriends -- they are awesome -- but even I know I can never compete with their gazelle-like long legs and short shorts, but it would be nice to have some options that don't require me checking out the men's clothing.

I've talked about this before -- the hipocrisy between the world telling bigger people that they need to exercise and then not giving us the clothing that will make us feel good while doing it.  No one feels sexy and strong while wearing frumpy workout clothing. 

Give us shirts that don't feel like sausage casings, that we don't have to pull down every two minutes!  

Give us shorts that don't fall down, pants that don't ride up, and maybe in some color other than white, black, or tan!

We deserve performance
clothing too! 
We deserve to look fast, strong, sexy, and capable at the gym.

Well I guess my plea has been answered, as one of my favorite stores -- City Sports -- just let me know (thanks Ben!) that they will be launching a line of extended sizes of not just their own CS brand, but will also carry in the store some of my favorite brands, such as Moving Comfort (check one of their bras in action here)!!  

City Sports has introduced me to some of my now-favorite brands -- such as BodyGlide and New Balance Minimus.  I'm totally excited that I'll be able to walk in the store and find clothing that will fit me! ((I know this isn't an extended size -- but my interest is piqued with these Spanx workout pants!))

City Sports will be sending me a preview of some of the items -- and I hope to share them with you soon, as well as some gift cards so you all can check out their line of extended sizes as well.  So stay tuned!


Sweet! I'm always on the lookout for cute and functional plus-size workout gear. I can't wait to hear your thoughts and check out their new extended sizes line!


Oh happy day! Now I don't have to look a mess in my giant basketball shorts trying to Zumba!


Mel: I hope to do a post soon previewing some of their sexy plus size gear!

Llama (llama duck!): Oh wait, basketball shorts (which are a GODSEND, btw, when it comes to chub rub) aren't meant to be sexy?


Yay! Can't wait to see it!


Trust me, I would live in them if I could! But I honestly find nothing sexy about them :)


Llama-mama -- nothing sexy at all -- but then again, there's nothing sexy about chafing thighs.


Nope.. Which is why I still wear them.. That and I'm far too broke to buy new gear (getting fired BLOWS!). As soon as I get a different job I want to invest in some yoga pants or track pants.


Well hopefully you'll win one of the gift cards that City Sports is sending me...
I love their CS capri pants.


That sounds awesome! The only options I've found so far are yoga pants at Wal-Mart. In basic black. Blah!



A-Freakin-Men!!! I'm sick and fed up of wearing two sports bras and yoga tops that are prone to mmm spillage!


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