Emotional [_______]ing: Part 2

Me:  **knocks on door** Just wanted to let you know that I'm here.
Boss:  Everything okay?
Me:  **fighting back tears** I'm okay, just very, very angry.
Boss:  What's going on?
Me:  Doctors don't listen.
Boss:  Time to get a new doctor.
please ignore leg hair; was
not taking a razor near that
I love my boss for her always-pragmatic, always helpful reactions --
she's a no fuss, no muss, no bullshit kinda lady.

But let's take a step back.

For the past week, I haven't been going to the gym.  Why?  I think I had an allergic reaction to a *ahem* feminine care product.  Immediately after using it, my skin got red, then itchy, then blistery, then the blisters popped, and the skin was painful and didn't want to heal.  That was going on in the lady bits, and spread a little down my thigh.
Please be kind; this is really
hard for me to show.
About the same time, something similar was going on on my face.  I am 100% cognizant that I'm a neurotic skin picker -- but more than that, I try not to be ashamed of it.  I also know that it may be a contributing factor to the skin thinning on my face.

All the same, I have NOT been picking at whatever is going on down in the lady bits.  I've been applying hydrocortisone cream (little relief) and trying to keep the area cool and dry (which means no running, cotton underwear, and quality fleece robe time).

This morning I called a local dermatologist's office to see if they had any appointments, and they had one at 9 am, but they didn't tell me for which doctor.  I didn't care too much, if it meant that someone would help me.  So, I rushed in only to be treated very well by the support staff and nurse, but then dismissed by the dermatologist.   
"I can reduce the redness, but I want you to see a psychiatrist."
"I've done the cognitive behavioral therapy.  I've done the SSRIs.  I have done a great deal of work to reduce the skin picking, but I do it in my sleep.  I can't cure myself 100%."
"I still want you to go."
"And I haven't been picking the skin on my leg or lady bits.  How do you explain that."
"I would like you to see the psychiatrist so we can address this as a whole."
"So you're not going to do anything for my skin ripping and oozing?"
"I'm going to prescribe oral steroids and a topical cream.  But I want to see you again in a month to do a full-body scan."
**thinks** yeah, highly friggin unlikely that I'm ever going to see this guy again.
 And then as I'm coming out of the office, he makes me VERY uncomfortable:  
"It's a cultural thing."
"What is?"
"We see our patients naked and then leave the room to give them privacy to dress.  I once had a doctor with a female intern ask if it was okay that she was present for my rectal exam, and then she left the room so I could get dressed." 
Um. Err. WHAT?!?!? **scrubs brain of those images**

So, I'm going to try and schedule an appointment with another office, who have much better reviews and see what happens.  They might come up with the same diagnosis, but they won't send me out of their office crying and fighting mad.


I am so sorry that he didn't listen and was a jerk. You needed support not more picking away at your self worth. Hugs and love.


Heh... picking away...
My self worth is fine. I am just annoyed that he looked at the really easy explanation rather than listening to me when I said "I don't pick my lady bits."


Ouch!! Painful.. I get water blisters on my hands when I use certain soaps. It sucks bawls.

Obviously the ass has zero empathy... May he get blisters on his nads and see how fabulous it feels...


Ugh, that pisses me off too! The doctor's lack of listening skills and support makes me sick to my stomach. While there are a few doctors that actually listen and/or show concern, there are just too many doctors that have neither. You know your body/skin better than anyone and it sounds like this set of blisters is different than the kind of redness you get from skin picking. #$#@#$@%$^%@# doctor!!

I agree with dramallama, let karma take its course!


Llama -- did you click on his picture? if not, here you go.

Katie -- you make a VERY good point. When i skin pick, there's usually a pimple/blackhead involved. And I've been doing this for 18 years. I'm pretty good at it. The marks that i make from skin picking look nothing like what's happening now. Even my boss said she's never seen my skin like this.


So many snotty comments come to mind... I'm biting my tongue to retain some of the smart ass.


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