The "Fit" of "Fitting In": Part 2

You should always feel like a Super Hero.
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Last week, I wrote about the struggle it was to find clothing as a plus sized girl that was age appropriate, fit well, and didn't make me feel like a sack of potatoes (delicious as they may be).  As I got older, I could find clothing that was age-appropriate, but had a harder time finding clothing that fit well and didn't make me look like those delicious potatoes.

Exercise clothing was and always has been a special challenge.  As a bigger person, one has specific needs out of the clothing one wears:
  • would it support me? (in the case of anemic 38D sports bras whose straps would slide down or shift when running and never addressed the bounce); 
  • would it help me avoid chafing? (soccer shorts aren't going to cut it; and there seems to be an aversion to fat people wearing spandex/Lycra/performance gear that is ridiculously functional); 
  • would the clothing stay where it was supposed to stay, and keep my body parts where they were supposed to be? (in the case of all the pants that fall down, the shirts that ride up, and things that inexplicably shift); 
  • would I feel good about wearing it? (I want something a bit prettier than sweats)

This is why I am so tickled that Ben at City Sports contacted me to ask me if I'd preview some clothing from the City Sports' CS line that will be branching out into plus sized clothing!

The goods:
CS Sports "Dash" Run Top ($25)
CS Sports "Paramount" Run Capri ($48)
Zippered back pocket with headphone hole!
Yes, those are reflective strips on the shoulders.

Initial Thoughts:
ZOMG the pants are buttery soft and feel like a second skin.  I love that the back pocket zips.  I have a few pair of capris that have pockets that don't secure.  I wouldn't want a key or ID falling out mid-run.

My only complaint about the shirt is that it doesn't magically shrink my midsection (that's on me to fix).  The cut is great on the shirt, and for someone 5'9"--it magically falls at my hip.  This is a very good sign!

The Test:
1 hour Wii Zumba 2 on Medium Intensity

I strapped on my BodyMedia Fit and 539 calories later...
notice, it grossly overestimated the burning capacity of my shimmies and shakes

The Results:

Thanks to the lovely drawstring, the pants stayed up the whole time during Wii Zumba! They moved with me and made me feel sexy while doing it.  Most importantly, the pants wicked away sweat from my lower back (I know, gross).  When I took them off 10 minutes after my workout they were nearly dry.

The shirt has done the impossible -- no gross armpit sweat stain!   Impressive feat considering I was workout out in my apartment without the benefit of air conditioning. 

The shirt didn't rise up the whole time during Wii Zumba.  During shimmies and shakes, the shirt kept me covered!  I can't say that for many tops that I've tried in the past. 

I can't wait to take this outfit on a run with me (once this skin issue clears up!)

I want you all to have a chance to try some City Sports gear, and City Sports wanted to help me with that.  They've given me four (4) $50 gift cards to raffle off.   I will raffle off two for people that answer my Google forms survey, and 2 gift cards for people that use the Rafflecopter form.  Contest will be Tuesday February 19, 2012 at 12:01 am until February 27, 11:59pm.  I'll announce the winners on 2/28!  Have fun and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


BAM! Entered! :) Thanks for the giveaway.


Awesome giveaway! I'm always on the lookout for good plus size workout gear.


Done! And I must say... LOVING the pants!


I forsee a trip downtown to visit the store....although my bank account may not like it!


Sweet! Love City Sports and I especially love the gear you got to test out. :) Saw City Sports tweet about the giveaway but I'll be sticking around!


Hooray for zippered pockets!! Most of my exercise stuff doesn't have any pockets, much less secure ones.


Alyssa -- you're quite welcome! Glad to do it!

Melissa -- I'm glad companies have realized that big people have $ to spend too and we want to look cute!

Llama -- you'll love them more when you put them on!

Jen -- they're having lots of end-of-season sales!

Jenereesa -- Good luck!!

My lovely opossum -- yeah, the secure thing gets me all the time -- I have plenty of capris and pants that have pockets, but stuff falls out of them ALL the time.


Entered the giveaway! Fingers crossed! :) Was having problem entering on the google form hope it didnt enter twice! Sorry if it did!


Thanks for doing this giveaway! Fingers crossed!


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