Another form of tracking....

I'm going to try and keep track of where I spend my money at the grocery stores -- will also add a column for restaurants/bars and for "eating out for lunch during the week" if what I bring to work doesn't entice me.

Whole Foods 2/23/13
 I'm also going to try and use what I have in my cabinets before I buy more of it.  It goes back to my 2011 resolution to "Finish what has been started; start what needs to be finished."


I've vowed to give up apples until they come out of the stratosphere. Hard because they are so good. I <3 mint for my $ tracking. I don't take it quite down to that level but for me, separating work lunch from dinner out with friends from the general "restaurant" was enlightening


I have a account, but I don't use it as regularly as I should.

But it was an eye opener to see just how often i was picking up tabs at bars...


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