Yes. Just yes.

I want to thank Sheryl/Ms. Bitch Cakes for pointing out this article.

Both Sheryl and the article so eloquently and concisely point out:

Your body was made for so much more than being looked at, deprived of food, and enjoyed by others. Your body was made for kicking some ass.

I want you to remember this (as will I) as you're in the gym, as you're fueling your body....

Last night in #Fitblog chat we were talking about what "diet" means to us -- and I made the point that "diet" and "diety" are so close.  Combine that with the idea of "namaste" -- seeing the divinity in everyone -- then maybe our diets are how we honor and worship our own bodies.


I love your thinking!!!


"Your body was made for kicking some ass."



I've shared that article with a few friends. LOVE IT!!!!


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