#DecGTD Update

First of all, I want to thank everyone for participating in December's Going the Distance Challenge.

For those of you having trouble with the spreadsheet, I thought I'd give a few pointers.

1. The summary spreadsheet is just that -- a summary.  Sure it's where you entered your information initially, but that's how I generated personalized tabs for everyone.  You record your daily information in your personalized tab (located on the bottom of the spreadsheet (use the buttons on the bottom right to navigate).

2.  You can bookmark your actual tab for easy access.  All you need to do is go to your tab and then add a new bookmark using your browser's "add to favorites" or "set bookmark" function.

3.  When you add mileage/minutes to your personalized sheet, it automatically tallies your total (in cell B43) and that number is then pulled onto the Summary sheet (Column G).  Your percentage towards your goal is then automatically computed (Column H). 

4.  You can customize your page to fit your needs -- see the following tabs for examples:  @Rspnsblty199 put his team colors on the page; @VinnySlavin who dressed up his page and added some inspiration; @tidbits_of_tara is making sure she gets her vitamins in; and @Body_By_Beer is tracking her boozin.

5.  Let me know if you need help!

6.  I'm going to reiterate the same points I made in this post about balance -- you need to be organized to meet your goals. Have a plan!


I have a plan to grow gills, fins and swim up stream; I have no idea why I want to swim up stream but I hear salmon are really happy once they arrive. Wait, don't they die soon afterwards? Hmmm, something to said here for keeping plans flexible I think.

Keep drinking Robby & all you DecGTD Champs


Patrick -- be the bear that meets them upstream. Tasty dinner :)


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