“Do what you can, with what you’ve got, where you are.” Squire Bill Widener

I wrote a few days ago about the psychological aspect of feeling broken.

I spent Dec. 24 at the animal shelter helping out where needed, but mainly taking dogs for walks.  The most strenuous task was throwing a ball.  I spent Dec. 25 and 26 between a 7 and an 8/10 on my pain threshold scale (I'd like to think I have a high pain tolerance -- but even this leveled me).  Yesterday was between a 5 and a 6.  I'm about a 3/4 now. There's still pain, but I can walk

So I'm going back to the spinal specialist today to discuss where I'm at (I want a new MRI -- my last one was in March 2007) and to discuss pain management options.

I don't want my back to interfere with my life. I don't want my back to interfere with my finding joy in life.
For the most part it doesn't.  But for every day I have that's a 7/8, I go into an emotional tailspin -- wondering if it's the big one, if I'm one sneeze away from having to have massive spinal surgery.  I think about all the rehab required, and the fact that I live alone.  I think about how hard it is to maintain friendships with people when you can't move.  I think of my future and the quality of it.

I mean lots of people ask me about the surgical options, of which there are a few.  But there's also no guarantee that surgery will help me.  For many people surgery helps alleviate pain of one kind, but causes pain of another. I'm constantly weighing my options -- have surgery while I'm young, strong, and healthy, or have surgery when disc replacement technology is more advanced/approved by FDA.

Like the AA motto, "one day at a time" -- I'm just trying to stay focused on what I can do.  If I can't exercise, then I can mind my diet.  If I can't exercise, I can try to move to the best of my ability. Just do the best I can on any given day.  That's all any of us can do, right?

PS:  I'm the "guest expert" for a Twitter party tomorrow night at 9 pm (eastern) for the #MeFirst/Me Movement.  I have six awesome questions queued up relating to New Year's resolutions and mindfulness.  I hope to see you all there!


I think it's awesome that you volunteered and I sincerely hope something positve happens re: your spinal issues!


That sucks. I'm behind on my blog reading so I'm not sure what happened but I do believe in the power of positive thinking:)


FAB: I'd volunteer all the time if I could. It makes my heart grow 10x bigger each time :)

SOC: I try to think positively -- but that requires endurance that I don't have sometimes.


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