Quick #DecGTD update:

1.  Don't forget to fill out the spreadsheet!

2. I'm taking the names of anyone who wants to do the official December Going the Distance™wrap-up guest post on my blog.  (See October and November for reference.)  I'll then make a poll -- you all will choose who gets to guest post! (So far @CarrieSinCA has volunteered -- as well as @jpnagan volunteering a few people...)

3. Also on the poll will be a question -- do you want to have scheduled #---GTD chats? I don't know if it's 100% necessary, especially if you do other chats, such as #Fitblog, #MeFirst, #mamavation, #SFCFit. I just want to know if people need more support on a more planned basis.

4. Rachel/@Brooklyn_1012 is helping me with #JanGTD.  I am not giving up any details -- but will just say that you'll want to stretch New Year's Eve.


Oooh, I can't wait to see what you and Rachel put together, I think I'm sore already.


If people don't feel badasss now, they'll surely feel badass in january.


I want to get onto your #GTD spreadhseet. What do you need from me?


You just add yourself on the summary sheet.
There will be a #JanGTD if you want to wait to add yourself there....


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