Fitbloggin? #NotFitBloggin

Y'all know that I love me some Fitbloggin, and I love my Fitbloggers.

HOWEVER, I won't be attending Fitbloggin13. 

My friend asked me to be in her destination wedding right before the dates for FB13 were announced.  At that time, I couldn't justify two major trips one month after the other.  So I chose my friend over FB13.  And then...I just couldn't find reasonably priced flights to the Dominican Republic (the total cost of the trip was pushing $2000 for 4 days).  With a heavy heart, I asked my friend to let me rescind my offer of being a bridesmaid.  She was so extremely gracious, saying that she didn't want any of her wedding party/guests to stress about attending/the cost of the wedding. 

And then Spike cat was diagnosed with diabetes (this just months after the ordeal of treating Jack cat's bladder stones (to the tune of $1500)).  So not only was having to give my cat twice daily insulin shots a learning curve (I may have thrown up the first time I tested his blood sugar), but it is a new consideration for my finances (the cost of his supplies -- needles, glucose testing strips, special food (for both cats), and the insulin) as well as my schedule (keeping his shots regular helps keep him healthy and safe).  No longer can I just let the cats hang out at my apartment for 2 days without supervision (catnip parties aside...).

I don't know about you, but I know I'm just weird about finances.  Growing up, my dad had a great job and a decent salary, but by no means were we rich.  The town where I grew up was pretty affluent (it was Long Island, after all), but we were the 3br/1ba ranch house across the street from a house with a 6-car garage.   Mom taught me to clip coupons and roll coins. After mom died (hospitals, funerals are expensive!), I was a bit more aware of our family's finances. 

When I graduated from college, I went straight to work waitressing/bartending at a place that barely covered my expenses (rent, car, insurance, etc.) and I didn't have any health insurance (got pink eye once on a three-day weekend, had to go to the hospital, cost $500).  Six months later, I was working in an office, with a regular paycheck (the benefits would come later, as I worked as a temp for 11 months before they officially hired me **eyeroll**).  That has helped to ease my mind a bit, but I still have the residual grey cloud that follows me.  The other shoe will always drop, right?

Having my neck surgery covered 100% by insurance was a huge relief. The next financial hurdle is paying off my credit card (there's not much on there, but it still bothers me to have any balance).  And then, maybe then, I'll consider taking a vacation (I have 40 days of accrued leave), and exhaling a bit.  But yeah, being an adult with adult responsibilities, and adult worries is stressful.  And I'm doing well.  I feel like such an asshole saying this knowing that some of you aren't as secure as I am regarding finances and outlook. 

So anyways, I'm just writing this to say thank you to my friends out there who understand that while living life and having fun is important, so is having a safety net.


You will be missed but as always we support you and all your choices. Love me some Robbie.


I will miss you!!! You will be with us in spirit.

Major hugs!


I never said this because I'm super shy in person but you were one of the people who made my first Fitbloggin experience so awesome. I'll miss seeing you there this year but I completely understand and maybe (hopefully) I can channel some of your outgoing personality and pay it forward for this year's newbies!


DW: thank you

MD: **Straddle hug**

Kate: awww thank you soooo much. And I was petrified the first year that I went. Robby is much more shy than FGvW. I let FGvW take over until I got my bearings.


Totally get it, my dear! You're wise for making a responsible decision. I will however miss you mucho... but maybe next year. xoxo


love you and it's totally ok. you know I wouldn't be going for financial reasons had I not pretty much gotten a free flight to SFO and a conference ticket. Hey, Responsible Adult is also a good hat on you :)

I will miss you massively. when you take those 40 days, how about coming my way ;)


This is a very good piece of work!
I am so glad you decided to share it.


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