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Quick and Easy

I've been digging the Lean Cuisine Market Creations Sweet and Spicy Ginger Chicken (I wasn't as much of a fan of the shrimp scampi or the garlic chicken).  It's probably not the best or most efficient thing for people who have families (as it's a single-serving package) or who have time to cook for themselves (it takes 5-6 minutes in the microwave), but for a single girl that just ran 5 miles and then took a boxing class, it's a perfect base for my dinner (I usually add in a bit more veggies (tonight it's .75 cup peas) and there's more than enough sauce to go around). 

I'd give it a B+ because I'd gladly give up some of the noodles to get more chicken, and give up some carrots to get more broccoli.  

Mountain Building

I've been really sore and restless lately.  My diet is on point.  I've been good about hydrating.  I've been good about maintaining an electronic sundown and not tweeting from bed.  But I still wake up exhausted no matter how long I sleep.  I'm left with this one conclusion:  I am a badass.

Let me rephrase: it requires significant time and energy for your body to remodel itself.  Building muscle and burning fat requires resources and energy.  I liken muscle building to mountain building because of the great transformative energy required to create mountains.  We often look at a mountain and think it's always been sitting there minding its business, completely forgetting the earth shattering changes (literally) it had to go through to be a mountain.

So I'm going to try and not be frustrated at my body being sore and being tired all the time.  It's busy doing great things even in my sleep.

Follow Up

I came clean with Randolph tonight about the whole pull-up incident and all he said was "I know." 

I think this is the difference between a good trainer and a great trainer.  A great trainer will know when to push you into the epiphany and when to step back and let you come into it on your own. 


yes you ARE a badass!
We know that :)
you rock!


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