You know, someone asked me very early on "so... you just trust people to report their #GoTheDist numbers accurately?" 

Of course I do.
(1) I'm a very trusting person (and I try to surround myself with trustworthy people); and
(2) I'm not the one they're screwing if they artificially inflate their numbers.

Same goes for food logging -- who do you screw if you over/under report your calorie intake? It's not me. It's not your doctor, your trainer, or your dietitian.  It's YOU.

But trust me when I tell you this:  it's okay if you don't have the best workout or eat a little too much.  Pay attention to the trends. Pay attention to how you feel.  And then LEARN.  Put it in the context of "when I do ______________, I feel _____________."

When I run 5 miles, I feel awesome.
When I eat over my calorie target, I feel guilty when it's junk food.
When I look at the day as a whole, I feel confident that I can do better tomorrow.

This is how you go the distance-- small little steps and mental adjustments that add up piece by piece.



baby steps to world domination, errr, success.


Are you pondering what I'm pondering?

Gee, MizFit, I think so... but we're already naked!


Love this post - short and simple, yet so so so true!


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