"Addiction is a family affair"

Very interesting video.



I'm watching...and just go to the part where the folks have checked into Shades of Hope and the commentator says something like, food addiction not a problem with people's stomachs, but with their heads... "A controversial idea..." and I am like WHAT?? Hello??? It's almost always about our heads...


Okay...next comment. Food addiction isn't to foods that have been around for centuries...it's to processed foods. Exactly.


I agree 100% that it's a mental thing. It has nothing to do with physical hunger. In fact it's the EXACT OPPOSITE. The cure isn't a physical one (i.e. surgery) but a mental one that requires actual change.

And I don't know about you, but I'm addicted to mashed potatoes and those have been around a long time.


Comments during the show:
#1 - I'm not sure why this 16 year old is having surgery and why it seems to be the only option. Why is he "allowed" to buy $30 worth of fast food on a typical day? It's sad that he thinks this surgery is a cure all. Maybe because I've been there and know it will not cure the cravings, or the want to eat everything in sight, or the fact you can still eat, throw up, eat again, throw up, and eventually stretch your stomach to where you are still battling with weight.

#2 - Shades of Hope was interesting. I've always said that I'm addicted to food (mentally) and that it's the worst addition to have. It was interesting to watch the different aspects of food addiction. Did you look at the website? $4000 for a week session!?! WOW!


(1) I agree with you -- why did he think it was his only option? Part of me thinks his mom was an enabler/bad role model re the food, and she too had a weight loss surgery (he had gastric bypass, she had her stomach stapled). I don't the show explained whether or not he tried to lose the weight.

I get real frustrated when people say it's their only option but haven't hired a trainer or a dietitian. They haven't done the hard work. It makes me worried that they will relapse.

(2) the tuition is crazy expensive, but if she can get someone on the right path, how much money is saved when they don't have to pay for diabetes medicine or hospital stays, etc.


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