"So this is what makes life divine...."

The Cinderella Story:

Suffer hardships
Have a great attitude
Remain kind

Karma Prevails
The prince chooses you no matter what you wear.

But no Cinderella is ever Plus Sized.
Be kind, be optimistic, but also be desirable.
Only then will someone then take the time to see who you are on the inside.

And yet, I still love the story. I still hold on to the hope that someone will see me for me. I don't wear rags. I just wear extra pounds.


"Be kind, be optimistic, but also be desirable"
love this. I started reading your blog from the beginning. I am about to begin my weightloss/health gain journey. Congrats on your accomplishments and I look forward to reading the rest of your blog!


Katie -- I can only hope that i can support you as you begin your journey. There are so many of us out there.... we've got your back.


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