I've been fat since I was 8 (I'm an emotional eater, I gained the weight after my Nana died and again after my mom died). Never ever in my adult life have I known what it is like to not have my thighs rub together. I've been obsessed with this lately.

There are girls out there with thighs that look barely larger than the circumference of my arms (14").

I would love to be able to wear a pretty dress and not worry about my thighs rubbing together, chafing, or having to wear something that prevents this (stockings, shorts, spanx, shorts, etc.).

[[July 13, 2010 Edit:  I abandoned the whole thighs not touching thing after reading Crystal Renn's book, Hungry and just how much weight she had to lose before her thighs wouldn't touch.]]


Thanx for this post.

As a child I suffered with kidneys that did not work properly. As such, I was on constant medications to battle the chronic kidney and bladder infections I was prone to. As a result, the medications changed my teeth colour to black.

At age 17 I had my teeth capped. I thought that with the perfect smile would come the perfect life. I was crushed to see that the perfect teeth belonged to the damaged me ...and only when I changed my thoughts would life truly change.

Thanx for this wonderful post. I have put Renn's book on my to-read list.

xo Jen


Well -- I think crystal renn is a bit of a hypocrite now, especially after you read the book, now that she's back to skinny size modeling. It seems like she got fat just to make a point, not to actually be happy.


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