Let's Go Fly a Kite

So the healthcare debate...

My whole POV is that there are many preventable diseases (obesity, hypertension, diabetes in some cases) and we should fix those things first because they are huge burdens on society and the health care industry.

We need:
--better access to healthy food (fuck the USDA and FDA)
--better access to healthy living conditions
--better access to basic health information (ie, don't let the pharmaceuticals supply all the information)
--better access to basic education (people tend to take better care of themselves the more education they have)

People who want to be healthy.

And the biggest part of that is how we're raised. We need healthy parents teaching kids how to become healthy adults.

Unfortunately, I didn't have this. My brother and I both think my mom was anorexic and an alcoholic. My father has always been obese. I can't remember my parents ever saying "Let's go take a walk" after dinner or anything remotely similar. What I do remember is how much they both smoked, how much my dad ate, how little my mom ate, how both of them didn't think to help me when I gained weight after my Nana died...

Before we tackle the problems of providing universal health care, perhaps we should tackle universal disease prevention (and creating electronic health databases).

Just my 2c.

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