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The #GoTheDist challenge theme for 2013 was "Rebuild Yourself."  For me, it was a very tangible theme after having surgery on my neck.  Not only did I need to recover from the injury, but I needed to recover from the stress and uncertainty of what being injured meant to me.

In the end, it meant running (elliptical + outside) 851.95 miles (that's 51.95 miles over my goal), and taking almost 4.3 MILLION steps (4,283,066 steps logged with many days not wearing my BodyMedia armband).

Towards the end of the year, I got sick (bronchitis & sinus infection) but also felt very lost.   Turns out that when I asked you all about it, we all kinda lost our mojo towards the end of the year.  Ask anyone who is trying to redefine their life -- it's hard/exhausting work!  It's not always about making huge renovations, but even maintaining the small changes become arduous over time.  This is when we need to lean on each other the most -- to remember why we're doing it and to infuse the joy back into the process.

 I've been racking my brain to come up with a #GoTheDist theme for 2014 -- and either I'm landing on what you all are already doing (such as @RoniNoone's #WYCWYC/what you can, when you can) or what I've already done in the past.  So I thought about opening it up to you all.

What do you want your 2014 to look like, and
how do you want to inspire others? 

In the meantime, I have "Something Sparkly" to shop for (my full-year reward for 2013) and some planning to do.  500 miles of running outside is a HUGE goal for me. 


How to Join #GoTheDist 2014

1. Click on the SUMMARY PAGE (bookmarking it would be a good idea as you will be using it often).

2. Fill out the next available line on the "Summary" spreadsheet.  You are responsible for filling out your biographical information (columns A–D), your tracking modality and goal (columns E and F), your quarterly goals (columns G, J, M, and P), and your half-year and full-year rewards (columns U and W).  

3. **CREATE YOUR INDIVIDUAL PAGE** (The information you have entered in step 2 should auto-complete to an individual page.  Check your line number and then look at the bottom of the page.  Match up your line number and double check that your information is correct).

4. Rename the tab "@[twitter name]" or if you don't have Twitter "[nickname]" 

5. Fill out the sheet as you wish.  See step #8.

6. Update your own individual page as needed (if tracking is too hard, consider printing out your page and filling it out by hand and updating it online once a week). The total mileage will automatically be updated on the Summary tab as you report on your individual page.

7. Follow #GoTheDist on Twitter for support if you need it or to support others when they do, to announce achievements, and find new/old friends!

8. PLEASE DO NOT DELETE LINES OR TABS! Do not SORT.  If you want to add columns, please add them to the RIGHT of the page.  Please do NOT move your page around! You CAN bookmark your individual page using your browser to find it easily.



I am going to join. I would definitely like to run more this year, and I think this will be a good way to keep me accountable.


Saw this tweet from @MizFitOnline; and I think it's quite suitable here:

I plan on having such an awesome year Morgan Freeman should narrate it.


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