No Ordinary Sex Toy

Dictionaries define "liberator" as "someone who releases people from captivity or bondage."
In my case it was "a product that allows someone with severe back pain to get some sleep."  But it lived up to its name, as it released me from the captivity of my injury.

After my back crapped out on me in 2007, I began to experience a great deal of anxiety and stress over the simple act of sleeping.  Lying down hurt.  I could find a comfortable position, but ultimately it would become uncomfortable and I'd wake up.  Body pillows/bolsters would move around or I'd kick them off the bed.  I'd try to flip/turn and end up the kind of excruciating pain that either wakes you up, keeps you awake, or prevents you from sleeping.  If I managed to sleep for a few hours, there would always be the fear of waking up in pain/soreness because of the way I slept.

While sidelined from work and watching a lot of TV, I got an idea while watching Meet the Fockers, specifically, the scene where Barbara Streisand is teaching a sex class to senior citizens.  Could the (*LINK NSFW!*) Liberator Shapes (*LINK NSFW*)  help me get some sleep?

The answer was an emphatic yes.  A glorious, haven't-slept-well-in-three-months yes.  At first I balked at the price (mine was $160), but I asked myself a simple question:  was my sanity worth that amount?  Ummm.... yeah.  I needed sleep.  I called the company and got a little more information on the difference between the ramp and the wedge, and the customer service agent and I decided that the ramp would serve more therapeutic purposes.

The morning after my first night with the Ramp proved that I made the right decision.  The Ramp's sturdy foam and microfiber cover (that gripped the sheets) wasn't gonna let me push it around like some ordinary pillow.  Propping my legs up like I am on the photo on the right made it so my lower back was flat against my bed and in contact with the ice or heating pad (instead of the lower back's natural curve away from the bed).  It also increased the intradisc space in my lower back, alleviating the nerves that were inflamed and being pinched.  Sweet relief was mine!  I also used it to do a modified child's pose to help stretch my spine.

While going through my most recent round of neck issues, I found myself using the Liberator Ramp again.  When trying to ice my neck, ice would sink into the pillow away from me.  With the ramp, I was able to keep the ice where it needed to be -- in contact with my neck.  It also provided a more comfortable position for me to read or watch TV.

The Ramp lives in plain sight.  I don't put it away because *GASPS* it's a sex toy.  A few people have noticed it and know what it is, but most people have no clue that it can be used for sexual (as opposed to therapeutic) purposes.  (I'll let the (*LINK NSFW*) Web site (*LINK NSFW*) teach you those.)
It's easy to keep clean, soft and sensuous to the touch, and serves more purposes than you can imagine.  As my back started to get stronger, I would do my rehab exercises (such as leg lifts) using the ramp to put my body in the correct/supported angle.  I can even imagine someone using the ramp to do light weights on an incline. 

 I hope to get the (*LINK NSFW*) Liberator Esse (*LINK NSFW*) at some point in the near future as it provides full support for my neck and back while reclining.  Just think of it as a TV chair for the spinally-challenged.  The gentle curve will help me do the kind of stretching that will help my spine.

I did not getting any compensation for this review/blog entry.
The views are my own.
Talk with your doctors/physical therapists before using a Liberator Shape in your rehabilitation.

Yes, the cats think the Liberator Ramp is a playtoy for them as well.


Ok, now I'm freaking out because I had NO IDEA that those pillows were used for that and when we moved into out house, my Mother-In-Law left one behind. I used it when I was pregnant and when she was staying with us she asked for it back when her BF was there :O (shudder)


Bwahahahahhaha TheMegan that is freaking funny! (and creeeeepy) LOL

Glad you have relief!


oh now I want one!!!
for the relief not the uh sexing :)


Megan2.0--okay, maybe it's just me -- but good on your mom for getting hers! I can imagine how the shapes would be good for pregnant women as well!

I think even if you don't have a busted back like mine that the Liberator Shapes (original or black label) can add a little sexercise to your life.


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